Dying a dash pad

I’m thinking about dying a black dash pad green. Anyone done this? If so, did it turn out nice? Any input would be greatly appreciated. It’s a 70

Much eaiser than going the other way. Should work fine just clean it very good to get any silicone.

I would clean it thoroughly first with wax & grease remover - then do it again. On a very warm day then spray the dye in light coats, letting each coat dry to the touch before spraying another one. When it looks good stop - you’re done. Generally it takes a lot of product to dye a dash pad. Make sure you have more than enough before you start.



Thank you

I did the same thing about 5 years ago on my 69. It worked out well.

Follow the instructions to the letter. Get the cleaners, prep, dye all of the same brand.

Mine had some sticky stuff on it that the cleaner and prep took off. So far the dye has stuck and not faded or shifted color.

Nice, my confidence is building

Just be carful with the level of gloss in your die. I did my 70 XR-7 a few years ago and it is far shinier then factory. I have to keep a dash cover on it as it will cause a lot of glare on the windshield when driving on a sunny day.

Like Badcatt mentioned, I have also had trouble finding the right match in the rattle can dyes.

But I had great results painting the dash pad on my original 70. Went to auto paint store and they mixed up the correct ginger interior satin paint, and then I mixed in a flex agent which made it dry flexible. Cleaned every square inch with wax/grease remover twice as Royce suggested, and then sprayed dash pad and console cover. Lasted for years and looked factory!

What Royce said. I cleaned mine with a 3M Scruffee with warm water and soap multiple times. After letting it dry, I used SEM 39863 Plastic Adhesion Promoter. This will create a tacky surface for the flexible vinyl paint to adhere to. It worked great- I painted mine 15 years ago and it still looks great. Clean with a clean white cloth using spray Pledge.

I used the SEMS Dark Ivy Gold dye on a black pad. The result isn’t glossy at all. Perfect match to my original door panels.

Just follow the directions exactly and use all the SEMS prep agents.

I inadvertently found out it is pretty tough stuff. I was preparing to install the assembled pad into the car and had set it down on my tailgate. I forgot I put it there and went to the hardware store. When I got to the store and noticed my tailgate open, I remembered what was there and felt sick. I immediately went back home and found it in the street near my driveway. One corner was scuffed but did not break through the color. I cleaned that portion of the pad again and resprayed it. I can’t even see where I repaired it.

Is the SEM better than the OER?
And thank you guys for the feed back. It’s much appreciated

Not familiar with OER but the SEM product is top notch. Many local automotive paint stores will carry / can order SEM.


Thanks, I’ll check out the auto paint shops, because I’m not having any luck searching online.

NPD dyes are the SEM brand.

On the SEM dyes make sure if using multiple cans that they are all from the same number lot. They can vary slightly from mix batch to batch. I had it happen with light ivy I used on my 67.

I’ve found this to be true also. If I can’t get multiple cans of the same batch, I will use one can for final color coat for all the parts and use the other cans to base in the color.

Prep is the key to longevity!

Good call on the batches. That makes sense. I wouldn’t have thought about that. Nice to learn from others experiences. Thanks again for your help.:beers:

I used it on my Mustang and it’s great stuff. Not all their colors are available in cans. I had to get a pint(?) mixed for the correct gray for my interior, but it matches about as close to perfect as you can ask for.

I took a piece of vinyl from the seat back to my local paint shop. They can match and mix SEM brand paint for me and put it in an aerosol can. Hope I don’t need too many cans,lol. $32 a can.