FLYWHEEL hitting the spacer plate

just bought a 68 cougar automatic trans…engine running… heard a clanking sound thought the engine was shot but turns out the flywheel is hit the spacer plate :open_mouth:
as you can see the spacer it has on doesn’t match everywhere…

is it the wrong flywheel? wrong spacer? can I put a different flywheel that is flush instead?

Is it hitting the spacer or just the dust cover?

Are you tucking the dust cover between the spacer and bell housing?


looks like both I will be separating the trans from the engine to inspect the spacer in next few days

I am tucking the cover between the spacer and the bell… that’s how it was when I took it apart and the lip on the spacer is lifted to accommodate that

Suspect someone installed the doubler between the engine and the flex plate instead of in the proper place.

I agree with Royce. Unless you really have some Frankenstein parts combination.

Thanks fellas guess we’ll find out when I get it off and inspect :nerd: I’ll make sure to share the pics thanks again

No way that inspection cover should hit. It goes to the front of the block plate and the away from the flexplate. By the way. What engine/trans are you working on?
Could be why they sold it, couldn’t sort it out. When you do get it out, take pictures of everything. Especially the flexplate to block plate and the block plate to the block.

I don’t think the doubler is between the flex plate and crank, That would shim the flex plate farther out from the block plate. I thin you should spin the engine around and see if the torque converter is in correctly. I’m thinking the drain plug in the torque converter is not clocked in the hole for it.

It also could be that the torque converter has ballooned out and is pushing out he flex plate. But that is not highly likely. I also have some concern as to why the block plate is bowed away from the transmission in the first picture.

The “doubler” goes between the bolts and the flexplate. Wonder if the wrong one. Auto vice standard block plate. Have seen some different.

I agree with badcatt, drain plug is not clocked to hole in flywheel

first time working on a classic car or transmission for that matter what is a doubler?

what does clock mean?

think of the doubler as more of a re-enforcement ring - gives strength to the mounting of the thin flex plate. A giant washer per se for the mounting bolts…

I see…i appreciate the info

honestly idk I looked it up but it was a bit confusing… this is my first time doin something like this I’m a electrician by trade but now a sound engineer/music producer

any info or insight you would like to share is welcome



ENGINE READS C80E-6015-A which according to the internet means it’s a 302

Transmission seems to be a C4 according to my searches reads C6AP-7DD27-C it also has a huge A above that

Clocked means the drain plug on the torque converter must be sticking thru the hole in the flywheel.

You my have the drained plug against the flexplate and that has distorted it to make the rubbing issue.

In this case it means setting the torque converter to fly wheel orientation so the drain plug in the torque converter is on one of the openings for it. See the picture below.

I hope you find the problem. It may not be t his, but this is easy to check by turning the engine over slowly until you see where the drain plug is at.

Have you had any luck finding the problem?