Found R-Code 1968 Cougar Today

Can anyone tell me how many 1968 R-Code Cougars were made? I can’t seem to find that info even though I’ve been searching for hours.

It was stuffed into a backyard for a few years.

It’s a rare Cougar. If I’m not mistaken 101 428CJ Cougar’s were built.


Some just emailed me and said it was 364 total 428-4V CJ Cougars produced, 64 of those were 4 spds. This one is an original 4spd with the “5” on the trans code and an “H” on the rear axle code for 3:50-1 TL I will be digging it out of the yard tomorrow.

Here is a shot of the R-code apron bracing. It will need a roof, but it has the original drivetrain in it so it seems worth doing. I ordered a Marti-report on it so I should know more about it soon. Like if it is a real GT.

1968 R code production numbers per CBTN.

4 speed standard - 48
4 speed XR-7 - 16
Automatic standard - 79
Automatic XR-7 - 101
Total - 244

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

Perhaps that does not include the R-code GTE’s or GT’s. I don’t know. I’m happy with a one of 64 or a one of 48!

The numbers in CBTN should include all R codes including the GTEs and GTs. You could double check with Bill Quay or perhaps Jim Pinkerton as to the correctness of the numbers. I am not aware that they are incorrect though. If you add the 48 4 speed standard and the 16 4 speed XR-7s you will get a total of 64 4 speeds. Once you own the car I would suggest purchasing a Marti report as that will show you the breakdown. Plus you can request special breakdowns.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

I bought the car today. Jim Pinkerton was who emailed me those numbers. I also ordered the Marti-report. I also bought a 1969 Cyclone Dan Gurney 351 4spd car from the same guy. Will be dragging the Cougar home tomorrow, and the Cyclone home on Wednesday, but both cars are paid for with papers in hand.

Congrats on the find! How did you happen to find it and more pics please :smiley:

What’d you fork over for each ?

I got a call a few days ago from a friend who had seen the Cyclone. He tracked down the owner who said he would sell the Cyclone. I got the guys info and was setting up a time to go see the Cyclone when he asked me if I would be interested in a Cougar too, a rare 428CJ 1968. He could not send me any pics, could not give me the VIN, but claimed it was a GT R-code car. Of course I was VERY skeptical, but since I had to go over to look at the Cyclone, I figured I would just see what the Cougar really was once I got over there. When I arrived I could only see the tail end, but you COULD see it from the street. I had to climb all over junk and the car to get to it, but when I pulled open the door, I was shocked to see the “R” on the door tag. Lifted the hood and there was the 428, ram air hood, apron bracing and the VIN stamp missing the “R” like many were known to have. Even the dash VIN plate had the “R” on it, PLUS it was a factory 4spd! I was floored.

He wanted $1,000 for the Cougar and $2,000 for the Cyclone which is also a 4spd car. I did not negotiate and just paid the man. The original intake and factory carb were in the trunk. He is looking for the air cleaner and has it stuck somewhere.

3000 for both? Is the law looking for you now? What a killer deal!

Score of the flipping century!!!

PM sent

I thought I had it made when I paid $1,800 for the J-Code.

I’m pretty pumped. Won’t be able to sleep tonight until I get it home tomorrow even though I already own it. He even said the engine was just completely rebuilt about 500 miles ago and should be perfect but it has been sitting. All of the FE’s I have had have taken sitting pretty well, so we will see. It looks like it is pretty fresh though. He is digging out the paperwork on the build.

He also had a really nice green S code 68 Mustang fastback that he sold 4 months ago for $24,000. I missed that one but I can’t complain. I am shocked the guy who bought the Mustang left the cougar here!

Wow! That Kevin Marti is FAST!! Looks like the axle code was a “Y” 4:30 Factory “High Ratio” Traction Loc. It was also a “Spitzer” Ford car from the Spitzer drag racing family.

Wow! That Kevin Marti is FAST!! Looks like the axle code was a “Y” 4:30 Factory “High Ratio” Traction Loc. It was also a “Spitzer” Ford car from the Spitzer drag racing family.

Score of the flipping century!!!

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