Front Speaker Options for my 70

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My '70 Standard/Decor interior currently has AM-only radio/dash speaker (to be disconnected). I recently acquired an AM/8-Track to convert to Aurora AM/FM with Bluetooth. The plan is to use one of the wide choice of options for 4x10 2- or 3-way speakers in the rear package tray, but the issue is the front speakers. I don’t currently have door speakers, but the backs of the door panels are perforated. I’m a little leery of cutting on them, since my interior is all original and A+ condition. Even if I did, the only 4x6s that fit are Kenwood KFC-4765C for their shallow mounting depth.

This got me thinking about alternatives to front speakers in the door, altogether. Will sound coming from speakers under the seat be noticeably degraded vs. door mounted? Maybe I could build a small enclosure for a thin-profile speaker, and house it under the seat? I found a company that makes an 8" woofer/2 Piezo tweeter speaker (dimensions listed as 11x12x3) that’s designed for underseat applications. I tried to slide a cardboard box that size under, but it didn’t fit. Maybe if I unbolt the seat, place them under, then bolt the seat back down…they’ll fit. If it worked, it’d still be pretty tight, for sure.

Any front speaker mounting or product suggestions for my application are welcome. I’m trying to get at least 50W RMS/100W Peak. Thanks in advance!

What did you ever do about speakers? I just saw your old post. I’m kinda of that point right now with my 1970. I had a Philco converted to AM/FM/Bluetooth. The interior is going in soon so I have to make some decisions. No door speakers in my either

Hi! In the rear, I needed the best speakers I could afford because the front dash speaker wasn’t gonna sound that great. The original holes are 4x10 (kinda shitty choices) so hogged it out enough to accommodate 6x9s in back. In the front, I got the adapter for dual 3-1/2" speakers. Not the best sound, and I expected it, but the best option for me not cutting doors. I favor the rear speakers 70/30 on the fader.

If it helps. Very happy with sound

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