Gauging Interest: Alloy Styled Steel Wheels

Scott Drake has recently introduced an aluminum alloy wheel that is a modern take on the classic Mustang styled steel wheel. They call it the “Legendary” series. (They already do an aluminum modern Magnum 500) Here’s what the SS wheel looks like:

This got us to thinking - what about a Mercury / Cougar version? Getting rid of the holes in the 5 “spokes” you could almost look at it as a modern alternative to Cragars too.

I’ve gone ahead and photoshopped a couple examples, one is just with the holes filled in, and the other is with the original-style “windows” cut out in between the spokes.

What do you guys think? Retail would be somewhere in the neighborhood of $150/ea. and would probably be offered in 15"x7". Lug nuts and center caps not included, of course.

I like design 2. looks like a modern 69 styled steel wheel. A grey color around the windows would look good.

Version 2.


Version 2

Definitely V2. If they did a 16" version it would fit better ant there would be more choices of tires.

17 x 8" please with shipping via the instantaneous matter transporter - now cheaper than USPS

#2 with a raised polished lip around each window.

I love them both! I am surprised that version two is a runaway winner so far…I can’t decide which I like better…If either design is actually made, I will have a hard time not changing wheels!

I like Version 2 better.

What were they thinking? They put the windows in the wrong place. Yours look right - between the spokes.
IMO part of the allure of the originals, which Magnums had most, was contrast.
Between the black centers, brushed spokes, and chrome rims they really
pop. The new ones don’t have that contrast and aren’t as attractive.

Andrew I like version number 2.

What is the possibility of the wheels becoming reality?


Thanks for the feedback guys, and I agree it’s much better with the “windows”. This is most likely the version that would get made, so that’s good. I also think that 16" or 17" would make sense given the modernized look.

Someone on the other forum mentioned that these look too “fresh off the lathe.” That’s a good way of putting it. Whether it’s a positive or negative depends on your taste, but I get what he’s saying. Edges are sharp and crisp, and when you look closely at the spokes you can see the concentric “rings” from machining. Again, some may think this looks cool, others may not. My take? The sharper, flatter, machined aluminum look sets it apart from the smooth, rounded, chrome originals, so in that sense, it’s cool, and would work well on restomod cars. Do I like them better than the original style? Not really, but I’m old school.

Machining tracks, no matter how micro, will collect dirt more quickly and be more difficult to clean - not something I look for in a wheel. Just my 2¢,

I kind of like the one with the windows. But I think all versions would look better if they had about a 3/8" radios where the spokes drop off in to the recesses. I think they would have a more timeless look. The sharp cutoff I feel will have a short life and people will tire of them. Of course that is my opinion and it is worth what you paid for it.

You seem to be pretty good at that…can you photshop in a car (a '70 of course). It’s hard to judge without a car. I do like #2 from the pics you made tho.

Thanks! I actually did play around with a mockup on a car. I held back on posting because the lighting didn’t really match up (wheels done in an all-white environment with diffused flash, car done outside) but I’m picky like that. Since you asked, here it is:

That’s Cameron Benoit’s car (see more pics here) which actually sports 17x8 alloy Magnums. So for the purposes of this “photochop” they are depicted as 17’s.

Version 2.

17 looks too big for my taste, but maybe not in real life.