GEARZ / Stacey David 67 Cougar Build Updates Here!

I got caught up with Stacey David the other night over the phone and thought I would share what has been going on. Lots of people asking “What’s Up, Why no action on the show lately?” Well, just like in real life, hand fabricated, heavily modified resto mods do not happen in a week. The reproduction market basically has to catch up with his build. First, there were no Mustang / Cougar headers for the Kasse motor so prototypes were made, revised, revised again and finally installed. The fuel delivery system took longer than predicted and on it goes. I suggested we install 69 Sport Special rocker mouldings, Stacey liked them and it soon morphed into real exhaust vents cut into the rockers (way cool). Right now the mini-tubs are being installed and then it is off to the Hot Rod Institute for final body mods, roof skin replacement (I told them to watch Andrew’s Video first) and finally paint. The debut of the car is scheduled (if everything goes well) for SEMA next year. Hot Rod Magazine wants to do a feature on it and it of course will have an unveiling episode (as well as 1 or 2 more build episodes). Every year at Sema there are one or two cars that seem to be steal the show. Stacey and I both hope the INTERCEPTOR will be that car next year!

Id like to see a few close ups of the SS rocker/ exhausts, might be a nice little mod to have handy Don when I get some cash in hand.

I wish you folks the best of luck on this car. It’s absolutely great in design.

Don I am happy to hear that the build is going in the right direction. Even with tv magic I guess things take a while to get done. It is a cool build and I will be looking for the new episodes.

Here’s the update:

Very nice, good to see that there is some progress.

Santa, take a look at this and you know what I want for Christmas :slight_smile:

I might be wrong but that video update is old. It is on one of the episodes that i recorded on my dvr. I am can’t wait till more episodes air with the build of this Cougar. Wonder what the cost of this build will be?

Just spoke with Stacey, paint and body work are done and he is going to try to win best paint at SEMA this year with a black car! He is not sure yet which sponsor will have the Interceptor in their booth. Kasse changed the cam and tweaked a few things, it now comes out at 835HP and 750 ft lb Torque, crazy! Coming episodes will show electric headlight conversion, some assembly and a little air time for WCCC we hope.

So there was a color change? Pretty sure it was originally supposed to be blue.

They probably decided that with that name and that much engine, it oughta look tough, not like pajamas for a baby boy. :wink:

:ylsuper: Nice update, Don.

I watched his Chevy Truck conversion from long box to short box the other night…a fascinating Mod to say the least. I have none of those tools or skills though! :greenchainsaw:

it now comes out at 835HP and 750 ft lb Torque, crazy!

Yes that is crazy… it will be interesting to see how well it handles that much motor.

Great Idea on the rocker panels, Im sure that will look much better and can’t wait to see the updates on this car. Nothing like a little boost for the cougar community. :grin34:

I love watching that show. Can’t wait to see this car on screen again.

Yep, back since copperhead and crazy horse, this guy’s show is the best. And now, a black cat! YeaAAAA

Check this out… leaked photo of the V8 Interceptor with fresh paint… courtesy of an anonymous source at the Hot Rod Institute.

If that picture doesn’t work, just go to the WCCC facebook page (you can view it even if you don’t have an account)

COOL!, I like what they have also done with the fender flair, making it larger.

I love those doorhandles. I cannot lie.

Seems like it would be awfully hard to drive with those odd windows they went with.