Good News

Home at last!

Wow! What a relief it must be to see her where she belongs in your own garage. I followed your previous thread and was glad you found someone willing to return her to the road again. Congratulations! :beerchug:

Glad to see her back home!

One thing I hadn’t noticed (neither had the shop owner) until I went to pick up the car last night is that the passenger side rear wheel is also bent.

I must have blacked out for a bit because I really cannot remember anything about the accident that would have caused this. I’m going to drive over to the place where the accident occurred and see if there was a curb or something that the car might have hit as it spun around.

Wooohooo, she’s home!

Congrats!!! :beerchug: Amazing work! Thanks for keeping us in the loop - We all need some good news sometimes!

Congrats, Jody! I’m sure you already have thought of this but that rim edge is probably easily fixable (although since it was an insured accident, why not get a new one?).

Great news that she’s home. I’d go for a new rim myself. Bob how or who could fix a rim? I didn’t know that type of repair could be done.

Could that wheel have been on the side that got hit and just remounted on the other side?

For a sheet metal rim (like here), a BFH is usually all that is required! Having said that, there are rim shops that work miracles on alloy wheels, a steel wheel is probably child’s play to them (guessing).

“…a BFH is usually all that is required!” I confess that this was my first thought. Besides, even if it doesn’t work, beating the wee out of a wheel with a great big hammer has got to have some sort of mental health benefits.

Ok cool. I figured that the time spent straightening it would be lost if it was out of true/balance.

Well sure, if the rim center is bent making the whole thing out of true then it’s probably a lost cause. Bends like what Jody is showing usually are confined just to what you see in his picture.

I took your suggestion, Bob, and ran the wheel over to the local shop. The guys ran it on their balancer and determined that the center section is tweaked so it’s probably not worth fixing. Since it’s an insurance job, I might as well get a new wheel and keep this one for an emergency spare.

Glad to hear the cat’s back home where it belongs :smoke:

Thanks. I spent some time last night cleaning up the trunk while I’m waiting for the bumper to arrive. There are some things that aren’t quite as they were prior to the accident, most notably, the trunk gaps are all messed up and the bodyshop replaced all of the self tapping screws for the gas tank with what look to be 1/4 inch bolts. Not sure why that happened, but as it’s never going to be a show car, I guess it really doesn’t matter. I can’t wait to get the new bumper and wheels on so I can start driving it again.

The replacement wheels arrived today and after I put them on, something just didn’t look right. The axle appeared shifted to the left so I crawled underneath to have a look and immediately saw the problem:

Both sets of shackles are bent offset like this!

Now that could be a problem.

Yikes…surprised they missed that! Did they leave a hidden-damage line open for you?

What?, having a car that “crabs” down the road doesn’t suit you? :buck: