GT-E for sale at Carlisle

Guy is asking $39,500. Car is said to be numbers matching. Only GT-E in this color combination.

8F91W553026 door tag.jpg

I believe the only options are actually the GT-E package and the AM radio. All the other listed “features” on the Marti Report are required portions of the GT-E package.

Oh man, best color combination and they only built one? Looks a wee bit rusty…

Would have expected way more Madras blue GT-E’s.
Royce, no XR7 GT-E’s in this color either?

It’s the interior code AK - only one. Several other GT-E’s sold in Madras Blue. Not sure about XR-7’s maybe Jim would know.

OK, interior code AK is pretty rare.
From CBTN - AK interior was found in 178 standard model Cougars painted color code F - Madras Blue, and only 52 with interior code U - Caribbean Blue.

This car makes a lot of sense to buy and restore without being upside down in the end. Spend $40K on the car and another $80K on restoration and you will still make money should you decide to sell it. Someone should snap this up for an investment if nothing else.
If I was in the market…

Yes, only one GT-E, either Standard or XR-7 with AK interior.

What do you think Royce? What is it worth?

Hard to say. I did not see it in person. Looks pretty rusty, it would take a lot to make it right.

Someone thought it made sense:

Even though I’m an ( all things Cougar ) enthusiast, my expertise doesn’t extend into the fine details that differentiate the GT-E’s. So I was wondering, if someone were to undertake the restoration of this ‘holy grail’ of rare Cougars, where would one obtain the missing piece of body side trim ( passenger side / rear 1/4 panel, along the lower body line ) ?
There can’t be that many GT-E parts cars out there ! And reproduction ( I highly doubt it - but again I really don’t know ) - parts - are they out there ?
I do hope someone will restore this rare car - it would be a very beautiful piece of Mercury automotive uniqueness.

Same place you get everything else…

Except you have to have a core to send back to them.

After looking again most of it is there.

Not having seen it, that looked like a pretty good deal to me.

The reproduction trim is OK. Like restored original GT-E trim it must be fitted and hand bent to the body. This is best done before paint.

The drive train is the hardest part there are no reproductions for those parts this car was said to have the origional drivetrain. I didnt get to look in the trunk as it was closed when I was there. Also no shock tower reinforcements as of March 20 GTE builds.

These are pictures inside the trunk.

I was there. I am having trouble finding the words to explain how rusty this car is!! Both torque boxes were gone and severe frame rot.

Lots of rust. But a car like this will never “die”. If it’s been hidden and no one knew about it, it might get a fresh body. Kinda like Shelbys, how many have been “rebodied”, I’d never buy one.