GT-E -> Mecum Indy Fall Special, Oct 2020, Lot S81

Spotted this tonight. Not much description yet, but it sure looks nice in the pics.


Engine: 427 CI
Trans: Automatic
Color: Blue
Interior: Blue

That looks like the GT-E that was documented on Facebook during its restoration. It is a wonderful looking Cougar. I sure hope it brings good money at Mecum. Usually the announcers tout GM muscle products but say less about comparable Ford muscle.


Indianapolis is truly Ford country. It should do well there.

It is. I followed that on FB and just can’t imagine what went in to that restoration in terms of time and $$$. It’s truly spectacular, at least to my novice eyes.

I’ve actually exchanged a few emails with the mecum tv guys about their less than stellar coverage of Cougars. They always blame the producer for not showing them and claim they have no control over which cars get the limelight.

Beautiful car!

Hope he reads this thread… I have NOS arm rests, he has the $19 Mustang colored repros on this fine machine. Would love to help him out.

Totally right. The off color arm rests stick out like a sore thumb!

Some black paint on the shocks as well.

We just can’t control ourselves can we? Pick… pick… pick.

Where? I can’t spot any.

Mr Royce, i thought a standard coup with light aqua decor group was accented with dark aqua?

My former standard Madras GT-E had the aqua standard interior. There was not any dark aqua other than the dash pad, door panel and rear seat cove upper inserts, and carpet. The original arm rests in that car were the same color as the majority of the door panels.

Here are the original turquoise arm rests in my former GT-E.

Even though they’re not original shocks, which is ok. Just paint them black to look original so they don’t stand out.

CCOA judging sheets “Shock Absorbers: Autolite 67-70, Motorcraft 71-73, painted black or blue”.

$150K up??? :mrgreen:

Look like they are Koni shocks. I would leave them orange and put the 1960’s style winged Koni decals on them. They are after all an era - correct accessory that would have been a nice upgrade then - and a nice upgrade now for that matter. They are about $110 per shock retail.

Thank you! Especially for the pictures

Royce, those shocks are Scott Drake’s along with some of the other suspension parts.

If so then paint them black.

Sounds like people see a red shock and they want to paint it black.