GT-E -> Mecum Indy Fall Special, Oct 2020, Lot S81

I couldn’t help myself :
As they say, enjoy ( a retro piece from a year or two before our ‘cats’ ) !

I was thinking more like…

Jerry Corbetta - best U.S. keyboard player!

I’d go over it with a fine tooth comb. Just one of the pics, of the disc brakes setup, the hose is bolted to the body. Probably wrong hose and what else is wrong? Or Jerry rigged?
Some say Pick, Pick, Pick. Dam right for what they want for it. Right down to casting date codes, Date tags, rivets in the door tag.

Yes the front brake hose is TOO short, and therefore the ‘solution’ was to unbolt the support bracket from the frame. For the price being asked you have to wonder what other ( potentially dangerous ) shortcuts were taken !

Good catch. I wonder if that photo was taken in progress? There is no cotter pin in the ball joint either.

Responding to “gah’s” comments.
As Royce astutely surmised, the picture of the spindle, rotor, & caliper assembly was taken during assembly. The (correct) hose was not fully installed yet as the weight of the engine is necessary to compress the assembly in order for the hose to comfortably reach. I find it particularly offensive that you accuse me of a “shortcut”. I personally assembled every part on this car, so only I can assure you, I absolutely did NOT shortcut anything in the process.
I do agree the car should be thoroughly inspected prior to auction, but I wonder how you know how much “they” want for it? I invite and encourage you to see the car for yourself before making accusations and assumptions. By all means, bring your fine tooth comb.

Your work looks great, definitely doesn’t look like the work of a person who does shortcuts.

Looks like a very nice restoration, but with any restorations done by the best in the business they can still usually use some more improvements in detail. I think some of the comments are to help you look at those details to make the GT E that much better and in return make you more money at the auction. If you haven’t already are you going to put the pin stripe on the Cougar?

I totally agree. Most comments are helpful and intended to be constructive. But… saying I probably take shortcuts and maybe guilty of “Jerry rigging” is neither helpful or intended to helpful. Royce has helped me immensely with a number of constructive comments and I’ve fixed everything he suggested. He has watched this build on Facebook and so I feel sure he knows I’m not a shortcut kind of builder.

I figured it was an in progress shot because yes I have peeked at your progress and it all seems to be very well executed. I think it is going to do very well at Indy - right in the heart of Ford country.

I take lots of pictures while disassembling the car and while assembling to help me do a good job. Taken out of context these pictures can be confusing to some observers so maybe a caption is needed or simply remove that picture from Mecum’s web site.

I thought the correct term is jury-rigged, so I had to look it up. Turns out jury and jerry-rigged both are used and have a slightly different meaning.

Jury rigged is when something is done fast. Jerry-rigged is when something is done cheaply, sacrificing quality.

Learn something new every day…

We just can’t control ourselves can we? Pick… pick… pick.

LOL - Beautiful car! Good luck with the sale. Dang that’s a nice car!!!

When you say the car is going to auction and post pictures of it for our review, you are telling us that this is how it is RIGHT NOW. We don’t ASSUME, (make an ASS/of/U/and/ME) that these are “in progress” pictures, unless otherwise stated. More current pictures would also do your quality of work justice. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy when it comes to the pictures we post. I can see the attention to detail in many places. Just surprised me to see that in a critical area.
Especially when I see the little things I look for, chrome alignment, headlight covers aligned, door alignment, windows aligned, no paint over spray, etc. These are the things you have perfectly done and are the biggest pain in the butt.

Hey rickyracer
Thanks for your helpful and constructive input. I genuinely appreciate it.
Firstly, I did NOT post pictures on this forum. Mecum selected these (12) photos for the listing from a group of photos that I provided. I wasn’t even a member of CCC until a friend shared the original post with some disparaging comments that followed, so I felt compelled to join so I could respond as both the owner AND builder of this car. I now freely admit, I shouldn’t have included any progress photos. The pics were sent to Mecum along with a story of a barn find rare car, painstakingly restored to its former glory. I provided a representative sampling of the parts quality that went into the build. My mistake.
The good news is, Mecum scheduled a professional photo shoot for later this week. The current photos (my pics) will be replaced with pro shots of the completed car. I expect they will be posted by next weekend.

I’ll have to go look at the new pictures once on line. I like the color combination on your GT-E. I hope the auction brings you what you expect or more.

Hi ‘68rarecat’ : I’m glad this thread has come back the posted images, again. Sorry for the disparaging words; I should have waited for additional comments as put forward by members before I added mine. When you examine the concours quality of all the work done on this superb restoration, the disc brake hose in question should have elicited a question not a condemnation or an implied comment on questionable ( and unseen ) work. My apologies. Best of luck with the sale - I hope it achieves ( as it deserves ) top dollar. I expect my restoration will measure up favorably when compared to your stunning example.

It looks to me that the workmanship, time and expertise is exceptional. You might also want to consider listing who did engine work other work and who supplied parts for it.
I use one of those signs that say, appreciation to and list them. Let the people go from there. Otherwise they might think, “oh I don’t like their parts”.

Thanks guys. This whole journey has been a learning experience to say the least. :unamused:
I asked Mecum to remove the… controversial (ha ha) photos and replaced them with two new shots. In addition, Thursday morning, a Mecum professional photographer will be here to do a formal photo shoot. They hope to have them posted by the weekend. In the mean time, they uploaded the two new photos I provided… replacing the 2 progress photos.

Much better. By any chance do you still have the ID tags? You probably do, I just didn’t see them. They’re always an item that adds to the valve.