GT-E -> Mecum Indy Fall Special, Oct 2020, Lot S81

I do have all the original tags and they are all installed with the exception of the carburetor tag. It is indeed the original carburetor but for some reason the tag was lost somewhere along the way. I thought about getting it recreated by Martiworks but I have been kind of a purist about minimizing the amount of repro parts.

Given that the original carb tag is MIA I do not see a problem using a repro tag. On a car that has been restored to as close to original as possible I think that I would rather see a repro tag there over none at all. If the original tag does resurface it can always be put back on and the repro removed.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

I would have the tag made. As long as you tell them. Not a problem. Carb Tag was first to go when the played with the carb, and I have no doubt that one was played with. usually a jet change for alt.

Pro photographer pics posted to Mecum website:

Absolutely stunning! :thumbup:


Wow! Big improvement.

Damn, now I’m going to have to get a bidder number.

Gorgeous car. You did an amazing job.

This car just popped up on my Mecum adverts, tempts me very much to get back into Cougars…online bidding here I come… :mrgreen:

Whatever it brings you should be proud of what you accomplished. Stunning!


Looking at Mecum’s auction site, this car is set to be auctioned on Sat Oct 31. It’s Lot S81. What is the expected time for it to cross the line?

Should be between noon and 1:00 pm Eastern time.

Creach GT-E coming out to play

Love the new whitewall tires.

Was at Mecum today. The GT-E was amazing and hopefully will do well tomorrow. The car was on display as soon as you went in. Mecum staff was showing a lot of interest and the cameras were there for at least ten minutes while I was talking to Mr. Creach about his car ( I made sure that I did not get in any of the shots). Can’t imagine undertaking a project of this magnitude especially on his first cougar. Enjoyed meeting him and seeing my first GT-E!! Only problem now is figuring out how to buy one without the wife divorcing me.
I was surprised that the only driving that the owner had done with the car was to load it in and out of the trailer. I would have had to at least taken it for a test ride after that undertaking. Hard to imagine having that will power.

What TV station is carrying today’s auction LIVE? Thursday and Friday was on NBCSN but not today as they are only showing it same day delay tonight at 8pm.

You might have to stream it

Sold 132k total commission added. 120 + 12

A little disappointing how low it went, but sold it did. Couple pictures of it about to go on the block and of the owner, Mr Creach after the sale.

Having trouble getting photos to upload remotely