GT-E Photo registry. Post 'em up!

I’m always asked re GT-Es…how many of them are running? How many have original engines? How many are restored and all pretty?

I say if you know of a car and it’s owner, show it. If it’s yours and you want to share specs and pics, show it!

Let’s put together a picture registry, shall we? This might eventually be a good tabulation and picture album of all the GT-Es we can gather in one place and add-up counts and have more and more facts available. Sort of a “casual, public” registry.

And for you who are e-photo challenged, just email me at and I’ll be happy to post them for you. Be sure to include the basic specs and history if you can.

I’ll go first…

“GUNNER” …sold at Barrett Jackson in January, 2011, now owned by Gary Ackerman of The Gaudin Automotive Group, Las Vegas, NV. Standard, 427 original Block and Transmission, completely restored 11/2010. Cardinal Red over Red Decor interior.

“Blackie” Owned by Brian Aust, Silverton, OR. 68XR-7 427. Black over Black. Restored 2006. Original Engine, transmission, running gear, interior except front seat covers. Driver!

Who else??

[album]102[/album][album]104[/album][album]105[/album] Mine with original motor.

Brian I think this is a wonderful idea. I would love to see this with the GT-E and G cars. I know some people like privacy but it would be great to see at least photos of these cars. Restored or not they are works of art and should be enjoyed. :slight_smile:

The LC Ward GT-E. I purchased this car from LC Ward, the original owner. LC spotted the car at the Houston Auto Show and bought it on the spot.

Whenever I see those pictures of Gunner, I think I’m looking at a Mercury brochure. Beautiful pictures. Did you take those?

Gotta ask, what’s with the extra reflectors on the LC Ward car?

x2. First thing that caught my eye. T3 you have an avatar!

Yes I did, thanks :slight_smile: The key is to take a bazillion pics, because there sure are a lot of rejects for every “keeper”!

When the '69 Cougar came out LC liked the way that both the front and rear markers lit up. He went to the dealership and asked if they could that to his car. They said sure, so he made the appointment drop off the car. LC thought that they would just put lights behind the rear markers that were already in place. When he went to pick up the car, he discovered that he now had a new set of '69 side marker lights cut into the side of his car. He was not pleased, but by then it was too late.

Umm…are there any other GT-E owners here?? :wink:

C’mon guys, don’t be shy! (and if you need help posting pics, email me, I will gladly help)

Maybe there is something to this whole double-secret GT-E mafia thing?? :think:

Brian I didn’t want to say anything, but I got a visit from a couple guys in dark suits asking questions about your thread. :shh:

It’s Barrett-Jackson Season!

I dare you to post a pic of Blackie in it’s current state…while under a winter refresher :stuck_out_tongue:

Finally home where it belongs.

Al, are you turning that GTE into a gasser?

Congratulations Al! Looking good

Sure why wouldn’t I? :thumbup:

Actually the engine is currently out. The machine work is done, it needs to be put back together. If you look closely, because of my poor photography skills, you can see the original intake on the floor next to it. The carb is not original it’s a 950 cfm Holley that was on it the last time it ran.