GT-E Photo registry. Post 'em up!

Very nice! Looks like it is in awesome condition.

950 Holley 3Bbl ? Thats what I ran on my first GTE. Boy did it wake the car up. Made a huge difference in performance !

The pictures look great Al. How long has your GT-E been in the family? What does your Marti report say about your cat having rear bumper guards? Does it make it a 1 of 1?

Been in my family since 1968. Dad was actually the 2nd owner. The 1st had it for a couple months is all. I’ll post the Marti when I get a chance. Rear bumper guards were available for early production GT-E’s. Even though it’s an introductory show unit, it’s a 1 of 2. But I don’t really mind.

Awesome, Al! Congrats and have fun with the car :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting, too…

Let see Al a GT-E that’s an introductory show unit. What’s not to mind :slight_smile:. 1 of 2 makes it even easier to own! Very cool. Very, very cool!

C.A.T.S show and GT-E reunion at Roush back around 2004. Royce Peterson, John Baumann, Kim Bray and I don’t remember the owner of the black one from Canada.

Susan Roush GT-E also at the reunion. Picture taken this summer during the Boss 302 get together.

Hi All -

Just found my way over from the other site. I’m sure many of you remember my car from there. If not, the short version is that we’ve been Cougar nuts from day one. Dad bought Mom a new yellow XR-7 in 1967. My nephew is its proud owner today. I talked Dad into buying the GT-E in 1977. Saw an add in the LA Times for it and had to have it in the fleet. I think we paid $2800 for it, which was pretty good money for a 9-year-old car. My brother had had his CJ G for a year or two and it needed company.
Dad drove the GT-E to work for years. He was a Federal Judge and loved pulling into the lot with his “Merc” that would blow the doors off the other judges’ German “Mercs.”

So many stories of chasing through the hills with the Cougars and the Boss cars, and why we are alive to tell the stories can only be due to angelic intervention.
So here are some pix of the old beast. It has always been a running, driving, registered car. The resto began in '06. We took it to nice driver condition because I wanted it to be a driver, as always. The best part is that we finished it before Dad passed and he got to drive it one last time.





Very nice…love the Augusta green…:thumbup:

Wow that is a good looking car. The Augusta green really is a cool 60’s color. 428 GT-E XR-7 whats not to like! :thumbup:

427 GTE Nordic Blue Polly, R/V-C/V interior. One of two this color/interior. Only known survivor.
GTE 12 012.JPG

Blue Poly looks great with the Argent lower paint color. Headrests too… Nice!

Lime Frost with Black Vinyl Top and Parchment Interior. 1 of 18 Lime Frost Cars. Numbers Matching to boot :slight_smile:


Here is another shot of “catlover’s” GT-E at Carlisle in 2010.

And another of it next to Mervin Moyer’s GT-E.

Nordic Blue on a GT-E looks awesome! Beautiful car Catlover.

New here. Its a XR7 red/black. 427. Bought it 2011 after 15 years of search for a GT-E.


Beautiful GT-E. I’d be willing to bet you don’t see many Cougars in Germany let alone a GT-E. very cool. Welcome to the Classic Cougar Community.

Yes you right. Mustangs all around here but Cougars are rare.
Its the only known GT-E. I own also a 68 J-Code.

Ok, here’s some pics of mine.

From the 2000 Nationals owned by Rick Manus at that time.

The wedding photo is from 1972ish

Current Condition, paints 25 years old and starting to check. Gonna repaint it soon.