He has paper work on Shelby Cougar program!

Another Craigslist ad w/ a claim that I have to see! He won’t send me info, and when I called him about this he was very … :devil:

I call :bs:

1968 Mercury Cougar - muscle car - $5500 (Palmer Park)

1968 Mercury Cougar. - Professional Restoration Begun

own a classic muscle car.

It was professionally body worked and painted by Nationally known body shop last year.
Before Painting it was totally striped for ground up restoration. No bondo - done correctly with full documentation.
This is a rare 1/2 XR7 coming from the San Jose Plant when Shelby took over the Cougar program. We have paper work on that. Comes with all original parts plus many OEM replacements off of cougars of the same year. To be clear - we have the XR7 Dash, wiring harness and Courtesy light package. Car is an automatic with c4 Tranny.

XR7 denoted a trim package there was never anything special about engines or suspension.

Finish this ground up restoration!

Original Body: 65A
Original Color: 1A UG
Original Trim: 29H but had some XR7 parts now has all XR7 Trim
Date: 51 2W

The 302 Engine will be sold separately.

Asking $5,500 or best offer. For car and all parts
Engine has 50k miles on it, pulled from a boat. $750

Oh well another Cat w/ an clueless owner!

To cover his paper work all he has to do is type " Shelby was involved with the Cougar program", then print it! He’s covered then…RIGHT? :liar::laughing: Really he’s just clueless.

Bill, I am going to go out on a limb and guess that ‘MAACO’ is the renowned body shop.

Darn, flagged for removal. How’s a guy supposed to have a little fun?

By posting cool smilies!

That is another local ad that has been on and off for the past month. I moved on without checking on it. The original ad did say it had body work done by Maaco (LOL) a “professional national body shop”. What I thought it probably was is a standard cougar that someone replaced the dash with the XR7 dash. If it comes up again maybe I’ll swing by and check it out.

Looks like it is still up on Craigslist.

Body was totally striped before paint :bloated:
Engine has 50K miles on it pulled from a boat :bloated:

This dude has some special meds he is not taking enough of, or perhaps too much…

I think you hit the nail on the head about his meds. I think he believes he has a rare one of a kind 1/2 XR7 Shelby Cougar… :bonghitter: I guess it’s like the old saying “if you don’t believe it, nobody will”. :smiley:

I sent him an emailed him last night asking him about it and told him that I was really interested in the car. BUT I wanted to see this papwer work first. This is what he said:

I’ll dig out what we have and email later today

Sean Roberts

We will see what he sends to me. :bloated:


I’ve owned a few boats…never have they had an odometer on them. Could ya imagine a boat motor with 50K HOURS on it? That’d be a beauty.

San Jose assembly plant = R in VIN … Must be one of those Shelby ‘rare R-code’ Cougars!!!

You know I had a “r” in the VIN of a nice 68 XR7 body shell I sold a year or so ago. sounds like I must have made a big mistake considering I only got like 1000+/- for it. LOL!

Ever hear back? He’s still hawking it w/ :bs:


I say put up or FLAG IT!!!

Hey Cougar Bill

I’ve emailed him a few time and this is what he’s toled me so far, start at the bottom and read up. And I don’t really live in Fort Collins but he doesn’t need to know that, I’m just trying to get him to find this “Paper Work”.


I’m sorry Michael - I will get a link to the various articles available on line and through various classic cougar site. It will give me a welcome break form this weeks work.

Sean I’ve been out of town and am just now taking a look at what you sent me but I don’t see where and historic info online about how Carol Shelby took over the program? Am I missing something here?


Understood Michael, I will take time. Keep in mind your email doesn’t tell me where you are. My advertisement was for the Springs and yes I know others can view outside my area. I have had several interested parties from short and long distance. The urgency to sell is not there. It is more a question of time to finish the project. I will take time to dig up the paper work and hope it satisfies your interest and warrants a drive. I am a marketing, sales and advertising executive, so it is not in my nature to misrepresent. I appreciate your patience and continued interest.


Well Sean that’s a long drive for nothing if it’s not what you’re saying it is that’s why I would like to see the paper work first, I live in Fort Collins . If you don’t want to take the time then I guess you don’t want to possibly make a sale of the car. You have to admit that I’ve been very patients waiting for almost a month for this and you keep telling me that you’ll find it. Even if I did come and see it I would want to look at the paper work, that’s the whole point!


I just got back on me feet… I will find what I was talking about which is the checklist from the plant, the receipts from MACCO. the other information was gathered from VIN # and historic info online about how Carol Shelby took over the program.


Hope your feeling better, did you find that paper work?


I am down with the flu, I will try to get going on it today - sorry


Did you find it?


I’ll dig out what we have and email later today.


I emailed him some time ago and asked him about the car and where I could see it. He did give me his address but then I never got “a round tuit” so didn’t follow up. My impression was not that he is trying to buffalo anyone or is a bad fellow but most likely is just not as informed on Cougar history as are the good folks who frequent the community forum here. Mis dos centavos.

“the receipts from MACCO” Would be enough to scare me away.

Hey, now, my car had a MAACO job on it…“had” being the operative word there! LOL

I thought you had a part time job at MAACO 3? Aren’t you the senior rattle can specialist?

Alas, no, I got let go…they replaced me with a monkey!

Trying to improve their reputation?

Finally looked at the ad… I actually like the paint color, “It’s a real 3-footer”; at least when looking at a 2x3" picture on a laptop. Wouldn’t mind having my Cat that color, after all the bodywork is done. It’s close to the orginal color of the car; and keeping it that color would beat out (financially) replacing the Ginger interior.