He has paper work on Shelby Cougar program!

How do you post a PDF on here? I have his information that he finally sent me. It’s kind of funny what he sent me.


Send it to me as an email attachment. I will save it as a JPEG and then put it photo bucket and then post it here.

Do! please, Bill!

Go to “post reply”, scroll down and click on the “upload attachment” tab. Browse until you locate the pdf file, select it, and then submit the reply.

I can’t wait to see the PDF on this Cougar.

This is what he said to me: Michael, My apologies, turned out these were filed away in my cold storage. I have lowered the price of the car to 4200. and the engine to 600. Which is significantly below the Macco work I had done.

It’s pretty bad form to post someone’s name and address like that. The proper thing to do is use photoshop or MS Paint or whatever to black that info out.

So, um… That’s the documentation showing it’s part of a Shelby program? Hmm…


I thought the same thing that’s why I took them down. tonight I’ll try to post everything else.


I don’t know, if you’re that big a jackass I think you deserve to get your name posted. :laughing:

There’s still one there. With the address and names of him and (I’m assuming) his wife.

Thanks, Fixed.


I looked at the San Jose document, what was it I was supposed to see?

Was it … ‘what the little boy shot at and missed’? … as in nothing?

I don’t see anything special in the post of documents to show the Shelby connection. I really was not expecting to see a connection anyway.

The only connection with Shelby is the size of the ego

Okay so he is wrong about the shelby connection most probably due to ignorance or misinformation fed to him. Bottom line, I would be asking if he had photos of the work in progress and finding out what kind of job was done on the body work before the paint. Maybe this is a really nice driver with a little work. There are some who have paid for a car then had some work done to it, and ended up with a lot more money than he is asking for a car of equal quality.

Well said. He might have taken something he was told at face value. Nothing wrong with that.

I don’t know, I think you guys are a bit too forgiving. His whole ad sounds like a used car salesman. A nationally known body shop. Why not call them out by name? Because everyone that’s familiar with Maaco would think the same thing. And why would you claim the Shelby connection saying you can prove it when you obviously know you can’t? Because you’re looking for a sucker that is going to be impressed by your ad and be too excited to ask for documentation. “You can have this fine 302 that I pulled out of a boat to go with the car, but it’s gonna cost you extra.” Really?

I’m going to ride the fence on this one, great point Al! Hey with my stance on this issue I could run for a government office. “Don’t commit to the issue” :laughing:

you are right Al in that you gotta sort through the BS in the ad. All I know is it that had it popped up at that price before we bought so much stuff for the daughter and son in laws ratted out 67, I would have had that one checked out and probably have been to CO and back by now!

Up again, the same but different and a lower price.
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