Header suggestions for 351W with an AOD in a 67

This is proving harder to figure out than expected.

Will standard Tri-Y headers from Scott Drake or Patriot for a 302 fit the 351 ok?

I saw that Doug Thorley makes a set specifically for 67-70 Mustangs with automatic transmissions getting a 351W engine swap, but those are backordered until April and when I reached out to them about my specific application, they said,

Thank you for your interest in Doug Thorley Headers! Unfortunately, based on the information given, we do not have any headers available for your year, make, and model. Since our production demand is very high at this time, we are unfortunately also unable to make any custom headers. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and we wish you the best of luck in your header search!

So I’m not really sure which direction to go except to start purchasing ones that look promising and deal with the trial and error of making them fit, possibly having to return them, etc. Anyone know of a set that will definitely fit with a 351W, an AOD transmission, and factory power steering?

I am watching this thread. My son has a 351 in his '68 with a hedman shorty headers that are sold for the engine swap. Currently a C4 but soon to be AOD.

Check with Ford Performance Applications. Not cheap, but by far the best headers I’ve ever owned. http://www.fordpowertrain.com/fpaindex/Mustang1.htm

I’ve used these several times in '67 Cougars with a 351W and a C4. Likely you will have to modify them to fit the AOD which is wider. Should be no big deal if you have a MIG welder.


I tweaked the long tube headers on my 351W to clear the C6 using a porta power and a few blocks of wood. No welding required.

Note: the headers we have are 88650 Hedman


Those look promising. I might give them a try.

Take a look at Doug’s Headers (Pertronix’s brand) D669Y Tri Y’s mid length. Have a set on my 68 w/351W and C4. I don’t see why they wouldn’t fit with an AOD.

JBA stainless long tube 6616L. I paid $600 shipped with discount.

Thanks, guys. I’ve got three really good options now. This has been a huge help.