Headers for a 1970 with 351W

I’m building a 393 stroker engine based on an OEM Ford '69 351 Windsor block. It’s going into a 1970 base Cougar (Eliminator actually - long story) with power steering, power brakes and no AC. I want to use the OEM 351W zbar and clutch linkage, and I’m looking for a header that someone can confirm will fit this application.

I’m leaning towards Hedman headers and their tech line technician says their 88658 mid-length will fit a 1970 Mustang with the same configuration as above. I assume this means it should fit the identical Cougar application but the speed part website tools (e.g. Summit) say it will fit a Mustang but not a Cougar.

I would really like to get something that fits the first time so thanks in advance for any knowledgeable advice…

I used D669 Tri Y’s from Doug’s Headers on the 69 351w in my 68 Cougar- straight forward install only had to lift one side of engine with no clearance issues. Added a bracket to drop PS. The tri y’s give a better clearance than full length headers. Been running them a few years no problems.

I have FPA headers on my 69 Windsor w/ factory clutch setup. No issues EXCEPT the $$$$$ they want for them.

One nice things is they stamp your name on the mounting flange.

If you Cat gets stolen, remove header & your name shows ownership!

I can tell you from experience that Hedman Super Comps that are listed as fitting '69-'70 Mustangs and Cougars with a 351W and 4-speed may fit a Mustang okay, but they don’t fit a Cougar without a lot of bending and banging. The difference is that 351 Cougars came with reinforced shock towers; Mustangs didn’t. It’s apparent that Hedman used a Mustang for development purposes, and didn’t take the Cougar’s differences into account. They CAN be made to work in a Cougar, but its far from a simple bolt-on proposition. Whether the same fitment issue is true for their mid-lengths I can’t say, but its worth being aware of the possibility.