How fast is your cat

I didn’t see this thread here yet, so I thought we should start one with how fast your car is but also keep it updated and also with what if any mods are done to your car. That way people get real life numbers and combos.
I guess I’ll start.
1969 standard. 351w 2v, fmx and 9".
4v 600 carb with performer intake. Hooker headers and home made 2 1/4" exhaust. 3.90 gears and posi.
Ran a 15.2 @84mph

I like it. Now that means I’m actually going to have to take mine to a track. All we seem to have around here is 1/8 mi unless I go up to Commerce Dragway. That also means I’ll be making a two hour trek, so it will be a good test of durability as well. Oh well, I would like to see how fast or slow this 289 will put her through.

Anyhow, here’s my combo; 289 bored .020 over 9.66:1 compr. ratio, ported factory 289 heads (intake, exhaust and bowl blend) w/ screw in studs and plates, XE256 cam, Performer intake, Summit 600cfm dual feed carb, Pertronix Flamethrower distributor, 1 5/8 full length headers, 2 1/4 exhaust, C4 trans 2200 rpm stall convertor, 8" rear 3.55 gear.

As of right now I have no idea of what she’ll run so once it warms up enough that people quit going full retard with even the slightest threat of snow (claimed we were getting 2-5" and shut everything down Friday and we got NOTHING), I will take her to commerce, find out for real, and post my slip no matter how bad it is (all I have are street tires).

Bet you could beat my time. Stall convertor is huge and you are probably noticabley lighter than me. Tranny and rear end alone are a huge

There was only ever one time slip for any of mine and this is the only info I have.

99.99mph in the 1/8th mile.

I’ll let you guess which one it was.

12.9s @ 110MPH on street tires. 3.25 gears. TKO-600 5 speed. 4150 lbs with driver.

408 Cleveland stroker. Scat 4340 steel crank with 4340 steel H-beam rods, Racetec forged pistons. Trick Flow 195CC full CNC ported heads. Hooker headers. Custom Comp Cams hydraulic roller cam, Callies link bar roller lifters, Procomp stainless roller rockers, Smith Brothers pushrods. RPM Air Gap manifold, Quick Flow Technology SS-750-AN carb with annular boosters. 6AL ignition with Duraspark distributor as trigger.

Car number 500:

Youtube embed does not seem to be working, here’s a link:

At what point will you be required to have a roll bar?

13.49s ET for a convertible. So, I am already at that point and can only run when the track I go to is not enforcing NHRA rules (which is not often).

Time to build another Cat…

If I recall that 12.9 was on street tires too, so there is more in it to be sure.

If you’re willing/able to hook up your convertible you’d be easy mid-low 12’s. The roll bar requirement is definitely a down side to having a fast convertible.

I don’t remember exact times (it was 2001 the last time I ran it), but I recall a 14.5@93mph. That was at Great Bend, KS in 95 degree weather, which resulted in about a 5200ft DA (Density Altitude). My combo is a .030 289 with home ported ‘69 351W heads, 289 4V pistons, Comp Cam 268H, Edelbrock Performer, Holley 600 (vacuum secondary), Hedman headers, Crane Hi-6 ignition, stock clutch, 4.56 mini-spool and Quick Time Pro’s. My clutch was starting to give up at this point, so my 60’ time never got very good.

Different tracks, different times. 1/4mi it ran 11.22 on motor but I got booted for no roll bar so no chance to tune it up. Took it 1/8 mi racing at the outlaw track. In street trim it ran 7.20’s. Slicks and open headers it went 7.13.

1:47 is my fastest lap time so far at Gingerman. Yeah I know you were expecting to see drag racing numbers :wink:

I’m all for auto cross, but it’s pretty hard to compare different tracks. Yours sure looks like it gets moving

Fast enough. :wink:

Fast is fast to me no matter if it’s a drag time or a lap time. Besides, I’ve seen your vids. You really wring that cat out, so hats off to you.

Was that short track or long track? I don’t think I ever got my Bullitt under 2 minutes around the long track. I have hopes of going back again this year for the Mohawk Track Experience during the Dream Cruise week. Honestly it doesn’t matter which configuration it was - 1:47 is booking it!

That was long track. I have never done the short track version but they say there is a 10 second difference between the two configurations. I have run Gingerman enough now that I have the racing line figured our pretty good. I have a coworker that drives our test vehicles and he is certified to drive all the tracks international. He has to do so many hours of track time every month to keep his certification. His play toy is a 1967 chevy II Nova pro street with a supercharged LS about the same hp as my car and same suspension setup. His lap times at Gingerman are 1:43. He does heal to toe and all that jazz. I’m definitely not at that level. He was running the same lap times as me with a bad brake package. He copied my brake package and is now 4 second faster then my times.
What’s sad is I can run my stock 08 Cobalt SS on street tires at Gingerman with 1:50 lap times.

It’s amazing what experience can do to times no matter which form of motorsports you’re doing. Since I ran at Gingerman the first time I’ve done a significant amount of suspension work (FR3-A kit), so I think I should be able to go under 2 minutes now. Hopefully I’ll get a chance in August. It’s kind of sad, but since I put good tires and suspension under my Bullitt I haven’t been able to run as quick a time down the quarter than what I did when it was completely stock. I ran a 13.37@105 completely stock and since then I’ve only managed a 13.52@106 at the same track. I’ve never been able to get my 60’ time back down. As far as my Cougar, my eventual goal is to be significantly quicker in a straight line than the Bullitt.

There’s a local autocrosser that runs a Colbalt SS occasionally and quite often ends up near FTD. It’s a quick little car.

Alot of the time good suspesion for road racing is not the same as good suspension for the drag strip. It’s really cool hearing about that kind of racing. It’s something I’ve never done

This summer was the grand opening of a local race track so I thought I would run the '70. The ol car is bone stock(351C FMX 2BBL) except for the 2" dual exhaust. The track is 1/8th mile. I wasnt sure what to expect but was hoping for a little better than what I ran.

The 1st weekend the best I could get out it was an 11.2 @ 67-8 mph, disappointing, but I had fun just the same.
The next scheduled weekend I replaced the 2bbl with a 650 vac sec holley, new plugs and swapped out the points for a factory style elect ign. The best i got out of the car that weekend was a 10.33 @ 68-9 mph

Both weekends were without slicks (3.00 gears single track rear) and thru the exhaust. Knocked off almost a sec, no great feat, but came in 2nd in sportsman and made 75 bucks…hahaha…I was giddy all the way home!