How to mount passenger side mirror? RivNuts?

I’m learning about this cause I need to use them to mount the side mirrors on my Bronco. Wondering if this is a good solution for mounting a passenger side mirror on my Cougar as well. Anyone have experience with them? If not RivNuts, how do people mount their passenger side mirrors?

There is a rubber riv-nut replacement one can use. I’ll be trying that method in the future.

You have two options, rubber or metal, if you do metal then this kit will be helpful.

Awesome Don, thanks! Looks like I just need to measure the holes on the Bronco and then just order 3 sets of rivnuts (each is a set of 2, right? So one pair for the Cougar and two for the Bronco) and the mounting kit? That kit’s way cheaper than the tool that’s all over out there, typically $30. Whoop whoop!!

I have a passenger side mirror for my '68 but have been wondering if I should actually do it…does it take away from the cars’s originality too much? Does it make it a side show freak?

For me, I couldn’t care less. Mine is supposed to be an awesome car that I drive and enjoy driving. Not a museum piece! So I’m choosing improved visibility over factory correctness. :slight_smile:

Personally, I think the PS mirror is a must for any car that is driven, anything except perhaps high value cars done to concours standards. Funny how (even with the PS mirror) the side views seem so tiny (and you cannot see much) after what we’re used to on modern cars. I got used to them (once again) but it was a distinct and noticeable surprise when I first started driving Isabel.

Oh, and Rivnuts are the way to go, of either type. Personally, I like the original, metal type.

BTW, good on Don/WCCC’s inexpensive kit for installing them. The tool thing has been a long-standing thorn for anyone wanting to install them.

I did mine with a relatively inexpensive tool from McMaster and made it do triple duty to help justify the cost (but ~10X Don’s tools cost!). I did spoiler fastener install on my '06 Scion, convertible top tack strip threaded hole rehab and then PS mirror rivnuts by the time I was through. A little measuring, calculating and innovation made it possible to do 3 different thread/diameter rivnuts with the same tool.

Those were my thoughts exactly. when i completed my engine work I drove my '68 400 miles…each of which was damn scary with all the idiots surrounding me…I knew then that I needed a passenger side mirror…imagine how scared I will be in a few months when my body / paint/ interior all comes together and i get to drive it again! AAARRRGGGHHH! Can we clear the roads of idiots please!?

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Yeah, I just learned how important mirrors are when I bought my Bronco. Passenger side mirror non existent, driver side mirror included (in back seat!) and it came with an extra set of four 35" tires in the bed which made it impossible to see out the back window. Drove home on the expressway like a half hour or 45 minutes? Could not see anything on either side or behind me, beyond peripheral vision. Guess what- it SUCKED. Never have I truly appreciated mirrors until doing that. If I didn’t have my dad in his truck behind me, staking claim on lanes for me whenever I would signal, it could have gone very very wrong.

No passenger side mirror in the Cougar bugs me a little, but it could be much worse. With the rearview set right, and with a head turn and a look to the right, it’s not bad visibility. Could be worse. But for sure I want to add that passenger side mirror. It’s a functionality thing. That wins over factory-correct stylings for me without question.

My first cougar had one.

I have a different idea. I plan on driving so fast it won’t make any difference what’s behind me.

If you’re doing any highway driving I think the mirror is a great idea. Most of my driving won’t be, so I’m still on the fence as to whether to add a passenger side mirror or not. GT-E excluded of course, that will not get one.

So you are going off-road with your Cougar’s then? I’m picturing a Cougar equvalent of Grave Digger. Hey man, whatever floats your boat Bundy!

Seriously though, seems to me that any driving on public roads benefits greatly from the additional mirror. Here’s an idea: bag or tape off the PS mirror on your daily driver (but maybe your Dart doesn’t have one Al) and see how it is to drive without it. Guessing that like me, you’ll find that it being missing is quite noticeable.

My thoughts exactly! And the coups have such large C pillars you could miss 2-3 Smart cars!

Of course the Dodge doesn’t have one, it fell off years ago! I know under some circumstances I would definitely miss a passenger side mirror. But I’m a country boy, 95% of the driving I do is on two lane roads. The usefulness of a passenger side mirror is fairly diminished when all it offers is a view of the shoulder of the road.

Yeah, but wouldn’t having one be handy to have when one of those Deliverance-looking guys that lives up in those parts comes sneaking up behind you?

They don’t mess with their own…

Good point, I had failed to consider that. However, what if said person - who was carefully considering installation or not of a… wait for it… passenger side view mirror and the rivnuts that would hold it on - had a “purdy mouth”?

See what I did there?


Uh Oh…now I’m scared too! DAMNIT!

QUICK! To the nudie bar! we’ll be safe there!

OK seriously though…thanks guys for all the feedback. the safety of us and our Cougars is first and foremost…You never know when Mayhem is going to be in your blind spot!