I never thought

I would buy a classic car. My tenants had a 67. In talking with them they were looking to sell it. Long story short. 2 years ago I was about to sell my place near Lake Tahoe. When I realised how tight the rental market was I decided to rent.

Within 2 weeks I had it rented and am extremely blessed. Yes they had 67 cougar that his dad bought.

Not sure why they were selling but we made a deal. Thankfully because I think there son would’ve beat it up. I discovered fresh metal and rust on 2 spots on the gas tank when looked underneath.

Meanwhile it is now safe in the detached garage which I use for storage.

More to come in this story!

Welcome aboard, I look forward to hearing more.

The warranty card in the owners manual was written as Col for Coronel. I’m thinking of calling it “The Coronel”

I am definitely cleaning these up!

I was pleasantly surprised when I pulled the rear drums off. Shoes were good. Will probably replace the wheel cylinders in the near future.

Took it around the block and the cheap made in China took a dump.

Anyone with a radiator recommendation that looks like the stock one?

Here’s a link for the WCCC listings. On my phone so I have no idea how to copy and paste. :wall: :blush: look at attachments. My apologies for being a smart phone retard. My ineptitude on this phone evidently knows no bounds as I couldn’t even find the attached website address so look at west coast classic cougar’s website. You could also try npd or mustangs unlimited. I just like dealing with Don and his team because all they do is Cougar so they know these cars a heck of a lot better than me.

Sir Ed, you’ve got to get us some pictures of the Colonel. And some more details about the car. Sounds like a cool car and it found its way to you. I’ve seen many a Cougar with military tags on them, seems like the Cougar was favorite of many military guys and gals.

Yes post some pics of the car! Welcome to the forum.

I work at West Coast Classic Cougar so I’m probably biased, but we always recommend the 24 inch 3-core copper / brass radiator for optimal cooling and factory appearance. We even did a video on the subject, which is on the radiator listing here: https://secure.cougarpartscatalog.com/338.html

Sorry for not get back here sooner. Been a bit busy.


Original paint somewhat protected. Original mat in trunk needs a good cleaning.

Thanks for your responses so far. Unfortunately its going to be mid August before I can start doing anything.


There is a crack in the windshield and also a dent in the passenger door. It has the usual daily driver wear and tear on the body.

The car was purchased in Virginia and then his Dad was transferred to California where the car has spent most of its life. He told me that as far as he knows the engine and transmission are original with 120K on it.

Hoping to get the brakes good enough that I can bring it down to the Bay area for a month or 2 before the rainy season hits and then get it back up in the Sierras and garaged for the winter.

Any other questions just ask!

The interior is very nice. Keep us posted!

After a month and half of sitting I fired it right up! I had charged the battery back in June and disconnected it before leaving. One less thing to replace!

I replaced the air filter that was black and have a new set of plugs ready to be installed on the next trip.

I did get the floor vacuumed! I need to pull the seats and get that area cleaned up.

Original Carpet?
I was unable to do anything in July. Between travel and and work allowed me no time to do anything except defensible space work on the yard when I was up there. After Labor Day hoping to do more!

Hoping to make it to Hot August Nights in Reno next year since its nearby!

Looking good! Sounds like a good deal at $5k

It was a great deal. My wife was not totally on board but she is coming around. I just could not leave money laying on the ground waiting for someone else to pick it up.

I pick up weber gas grills on craigslist for either free or cheap under $40. Clean them up replace parts if needed. This one was free and about $60 in parts. Sold it for $250! I told my wife. Think of it as more expensive weber!


Ha, my brother is into weber grills also, does the same as you and picks them up off CL, but he’s a hoarder and doesn’t sell them. Do you plan on keeping the Cougar? I can’t blame you for snapping it up, I would have definitely done the same if I was in that situation.

Keeping it! It needs a lot of TLC. Id like to bring it down here to the bay area but I dont have a garage and its way to damp in the winter.

Hopefully in 2 - 3 years we will be moving back up to the Tahoe area where its currently garaged now.

Got the first one cleaned up tonight! You can see the before pic earlier in the thread.

Very cool! Nice grill too! Keep us posted on your progress :slight_smile: