I'm a Cougar owner again!!!

After regretting selling the J-Code just a few days afterward (especially after I found out what they did to it) I am now the proud owner of a Cougar once again:

She’s a '68 Standard F-Code car that’s been a Cali car her entire life:

A runner but there’s a tap that could just need adjustment. The PO only had it a couple of months and replaced the carb.
Figuring out how to get it to me right now but here are some pics and video:


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Awesome :+1:
Good for you.
What are your plans for her.

Congratulations on your new ride. If you don’t mind me asking, what did the new owners of your last cat do to it?? Are you going to resto mod this kitty??


Good Going!!

That is some killer patina there…

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As I stated before all the PO did is replace the carb (as you can tell by the photo)
I’m thinking that I enjoy her for a while and then go from there.
If money wasn’t an issue I’d shoot for my avatar. I know she isn’t a rare car so restomod wouldn’t be a sin.
I might think about switching it to a 4v manifold and carb at some point.
Some comments I saw on the ad were to clear coat it and keep the patina.

If you watch the video you can hear the engine. I don’t think it’s had a valve adjustment for a long long time.
Hopefully that is all that it needs. PO took it on the highway so …

Have you been able to track down that lead I gave you?

Well it’s about time! Congratulations!

I have to ask too. What did they do to your 4 speed?

Bench seat too! Congratulations.

They ripped out the drivetrain and put it in a Mustang.

That was my first thought, too. Spray it with some matte clear coat and drive that beast!


Why bother to “preserve” the patina w/ some clear… Makes the patina look so wrong…

If someone would look at the video and confirm my suspicions on the engine noise.

Car gets delivered tomorrow. I’m like a kid on Christmas Eve… lol

Just curious, I think I got a good deal for her but what do you think it should have cost?
(I’ll let you know tomorrow)


Randy Goodling
CCOA #95


quality of video is not all that great and he doesn’t stay on the engine long but to me that sounds like an misfire, also note the engine shake at idle which also indicates a misfire. The tapping is related and sounds to be at camshaft speed meaning its related to the valve train. I suspect a bent push rod from either a collapsed lifter and stuck valve. This also could be related to an engine that has sat for a long time then fired up without much care to how long it had been sitting.

Looks like a solid car except for the few rust spots. Looks like there are a couple more that he doesn’t point out in the video.

So here she is:

The engine settled down, was told it sat for a long time. The PO probably just got it started and that’t it.

Here is the walk around:

And the price? $3,750.00