Intake install 351W

I have a '70 351W that I recently swapped the 2v cast iron intake oit of in favour of a 4v Edelbrock Performer intake. Everything seemed to go well and it ran good but I noticed when stepping on it I would get a pretty good wiff of what smelled like burning coolant that I never had before. I thought maybe it was just some residuals that needed to burn off but it hasn’t gone away, really only noticeable when you open it up but it is a pretty nasty smell. So I went ahead and pulled the intake off and IDK it seems like the gaskets are in position but this is my first time changing an intake so really not sure. Here’s a couple pics, I can post more but any ideas/ suggestions?

When I installed a Edelbrock Performer intake on my 69 351W the Edelbrock installation notes referenced that the early 16 bolt heads required a different intake gasket. I had the wrong gasket and caught it before install. Believe the later gasket is much more common.

Edelbrock recommends the Fel Pro Print - O - Leak gaskets. They are garbage.

Get the cheaper Fel Pro gaskets that are steel reinforced. Put silicone sealant around the water passages and at the ends where it meets the cork gaskets. Retorque the intake after the first heat cycle.

Ok I did originally use the FEL1250 gaskets, so would the MS90116 be the best replacement?


Perfect, thanks for the help.