Interior rear panel "Corners- Keepers"

I have a few sets of the interior rear panel corner protectors/ keepers. They have all been media blasted.

Ready for your interior color!

There seems to be 2 different textures. One style has deeper impressions.

$30 pair

I’m interested in a pair. I thought I had a set lined up, but they’re all driver side. I’ll send you a PM

Are these still available

Yes, I still have a few sets. I’ll look at the “type” i have and let you know.

I have 3 sets of the deeper stamped type left, along w/ 4 pass side singles.

Hey Bill, you might want to have them message you on the board. There are bots that scoop up email addresses in the open

Ill edit Thanks Bill

I have a pair of the “corner keepers” which are kind of unusual. I got them in a bunch of bulk Cougar and Mustang Parts ( swap meet ) and they are obviously not applicable to my '69. They were in a ( not FoMoCo ) box labelled : NOS “Cap - Quarter trim, panel upper” - sounds like MPC language. They had the part numbers written down as C7WY-6531490-B and C7WY-6531491-B. Nothing unusual, so far. But have a look at the images - these ones are chrome ( which I believe were used in '67; the 1968’s used a painted version ) and have very prominent texture ( Fords famous ‘faux’ leather ) on them. I don’t think they are a re-chrome, why would anyone go to that trouble, and the deep inside recess sure doesn’t look like a re-chrome, as they are very nice and not showing the usual re-chrome ‘fading’ into the nickel or copper plate. Are they of any use to someone on here ? What are they worth ?