Is this the right steering wheel?

More than a few people at Cars and Coffee over the last year have asked me if this is the stock steering wheel for a 67 XR7 and it’s got me questioning.
It’s what came with her when we bought her almost 2 years ago… but I know that doesn’t count for anything.

Can someone enlighten me? Is this the right steering wheel for my car?

Outside of the Leather covering the rim, it looks like it to me.

Thanks. So someone wrapped the wheel from the looks of it?

Yes, under that cover (which is a cool idea, I think) is probably a cracked & worn rim that originally had a wood grain finish. Pretty sure in '67 both XR-7 & std got the same wheel.

Thanks. I’m tempted to unwrap it and see…

Is it true that the “cushion” in the center was a sort of “pre-airbag” protection for accidents?

Yes, that’s the “crash pad.” I have my doubts that it did much to lessen the impact into the non-collapsible steering column.

In '68 Mercury changed the wheel (making it less attractive IMHO) and steering column in an attempt to make them safer.

  • Phillip

Don’t unwrap… It will not look pretty. That wrap is not only hiding cracks but most likely holding it together! Your only affordable option is this in my opinion.

As my old man was fond of saying: “If it 'aint broke, don’t fix it.” :sunglasses:

That should be “If it ain’t broke; modified it”.

Thanks all! Really appreciate the feedback/advice.
Don. Thanks for the links. Nice to know if I want to change it out.

Those leather wraps were very well done. It may have been on since the car was new. They tend to shrink a bit over time and fit very nicely. I would not touch it unless it really bugs you.

I hadn’t really thought about it until people mentioned it. But if the consensus is “keep it on”, I will.

Looks like they did a decent rap of the wheel but here’s correct.

The radio is not OE but there are two other things in this picture that are not correct for a 1967 XR7 GT. What are they?

Other than the cupholder, I’d say the keychain.

And that’s a sharp looking steering wheel!

Cup holder and shift lever.

Al Bundy is the winner!

Shift lever is an NOS piece from a 68 XR7-G and not correct for a 67 XR7…but sure looks cool!

I’d like to thank the academy…