It's a start again

I am going to continue posting on the better forum's+start

but this is my problem. I cannot get my url thread to highlight and work. I am also having problems highlighting a previous post or part of it to use in my response post.

The two Youtube clips that my son posted were not working at first either. The first one majicaly appeared the next morning and Cougar2 and Cougarshaman straightened the second one out for me. BTW thanks Guys.

Can someone help me out?

dooh! As Roseann Roseanna Dana used to say “NEVER MIND”

I must have something set on my MAC differently because this url worked. I made this post on my PC. any MAC people out there? Sal

Exhaust is installed




This is off the MAC

This is with the PC

looks like you’re missing a bracket before the last /img] ==> should be [/img] You musht be overwriting on the “[”

I added the [ to the middle image (look at the first line of the quote)

hope this helps


Sal, in photobucket when you want to attach a picture, pass your cursor over the picture, but don’t click on it. you will see a window open up and at the bottom of the window, you will see “IMG Code” left click on that and it will copy the image. Then, when you want to bring it here to post it, under your message or wording, leave 2 spaces and right click and paste and the code will be presented so your picture will show. If you are going to leave a few pictures just leave two spaces between each picture so the code doesn’t mix together. Most forums don’t allow more than 10 pictures in a row, so you will have to continue with another post to add the rest of the pictures. I hope this helps.

thanks gentlemen, it appears that when I paste, I am loosing my bracket. SalD

In your last post on the thread in the other forum you mention there not being updated software or virus protection for win XP. Whoever told you that either doesn’t know anything about computers or does and is trying to deceive you. There are updates for XP software all the time. Microsoft just released a updated components for XP last week.

X2 YUP! XP Pro is getting pretty hard to get, though. They were supposed to stop support in 2010 if i remember correctly, and they had to extend once or twice so far.

I am going to find someone who can upgrade my old PC because the MAC dose not support intuit payroll through Quickbooks as well as a PC does. Thanks for the advice.

be careful in upgrading old pc’s. more often than not, a pc on sale can be cheaper, and is new, warranty wise.

This is true, I saw some pc’s for around 4 to $500 or so dollars. My Mac is worth 3 times that, but I still like the Mac better.

Does anyone have experience with the intake manifold gasket for a 351 C ? Are there different gaskets for a 2v and a 4v? I have built my 351C with 2v heads but put a 4v intake from my 1971 351 and it was sucking air from the top of the manifold along the heads. When I pulled the manifold, there was evidence that the gasket did not go up high enough to cover the top of the port. I had an extra intake manifold gasket set from when I built the 70 cleveland and it fits the same way, it almost but not quite covers the top of the head ports on both sides. I called my guy at CarQuest and he said they only make one{1} intake manifold gasket for that year cleveland. Can anyone shed light on this ? SalD Cougar GEEK

What kind of gasket did you get and does it have a company name and part number?
Was it a stamped steel turkey pan? and if so, was it for a 4V heads or 2v?
I can check my Felpro part number tomorrow. They are two sets of gaskets that run up each side and two gaskets for front and back. If this is the set you have, the ends will not be used and you would have to use the liquid gasket in a tube. We first have to figure out what parts/gaskits you have first.


This is a carquest gasket name VICTOR DANA MS15815 GSK

It has a steel turkey pan with two rubber gaskets one for the front and one for the back. I have just tossed the two rubber gaskets in the past and used Right Stuff in it’s place.

So there are different gaskets for the 4v and the 2v and Felpro makes them. If you could get me the number for the 4V intake I’ll order it tomorrow.


I assume you will need the 4V gasket.
If not, here is the 2V.

It also sounds like you are using the factory style cast iron intake. If so, I would keep the valley pan and cut it so that it still shields the intake from oil, but isn’t used as a gasket for the ports. Many racers even still use them to help keep the aluminum intakes a little cooler.

Where are the pictures Sal? That thing is looking good. Also need some pics and more info on the other Cougar.

Mike, are those summit gaskets rubber or cork? I haven’t seen them before, all that I can get around here is the pan with the rubber gasket for the front and back. These rubber gaskets usually squirt out when torqued so I throw them out. Pictures are few a far between but I promise to get them going when there is something to post. The exhaust that I had installed is already leaking but since I am redoing the intake I can’t take it back just yet.

They are a paper composite with a raised rubber seal around the ports. I used them on my car and the seal really well as long as you torque properly and retorque after a few heat cycles. I smeared a little gasket sealer on the back sides, just to hold them in place mostly until I got the intake on.

Mike, here are a couple of pictures that are reasons why I have not posted any progress pictures

intake manifold cleaned up and ready to reinstall when correct gasket is purchased.

still waiting for chrome to be delivered although the last shipment was sent before Christmas and was real nice.

Barry drilled the holes for the Cougar Quarter emblems from the original quarter. He cut out the old section and used it as a templet. We don’t know what happened but the top hole is about a quarter of an inch too high.

I do have the front brow and hood trim that I can install and the convertible top is ready but I don’t want to have a black top installed until the paint work is corrected. The same with the interior.

SalD Cougar GEEK