Jumpin' Cat Part 2 - wrecked it!

I just heard from my track buddies that Tim Halstead’s Cougar was wrecked badly last Friday night. - He got REALLY high and went sideways. Either landed on top of the wall or on it’s side. I’ve been asking those who were there for any pics they might have…

That sucks…horrible news.

Ouch…hope all are ok.

That really bites. Hope the driver is ok.

Wow, that is TRAGIC news. Tim has been pushing the car better, faster, higher etc. for some time/years now. Guess it was inevitable to find a “maximum”. Bummer.

Nothing on the Cleveland forum but I will inquire there to see if they have heard anything or have seen pictures.

Have not seen this yet (because YT is blocked at work) but here you go:


Not sure the embed worked so here is the link:


ooh. He definitely got up there. Hope he’s fine and I’m sure the cat can be rebuilt.

As long as he is fine, that is what maters. I do agree, the car can be rebuilt, at least it looks like it landed on all fours, Just like a Cat!

Checked out the video last night from home. Was not as bad as I was expecting. Nice save Tim!

From the Cleveland forum: http://www.network54.com/Forum/119419/message/1374109352/Re-+In+my+crystal+ball+I+can+see+a+wheelie+bar+purchase!…+n-m

It seems like everything turned out as well as could be expected. Thanks for the follow up video link Bob.