Looking for a 1967 Cougar GT 4-speed manual transmission car to buy

I am looking to buy a 1967 Cougar GT 4-speed to build a similar Cougar to Stacy David’s but using my 427 S.O.H.C. I live in Kingwood Texas and would like to find one here, yet I will consider other states. I know that it will not be a restoration and some will think it is wrong to change the engine from the 390 GT. Yet it will use the same essential mounting gear as the 390. I’m looking for a base Cougar, not XR-7 GT. Oh, and yes shock towers will need modification. Any help will be appreciated. Ron the Cougar car lover.

If you’re doing a heavy modification anyway, why not start with a car like this Arizona roller? If you’re going to pull the big block out anyway then it doesn’t seem like it really needs to be there in the first place.

That would be a very cool build and I’m all for customizing cars. Factory GT 4 speed cars are rare and people tend to restore them to original condition. I’d think that building a SOHC powered Cougar would require modifications to the front brakes and suspension like this
1967-1968 Independent Front Suspension | MTF (mustangstofear.com)
Might be better to start off with a nice solid base model cougar? I want to do a build like this eventually, starting with a '67 or '68 and swapping in a Ford Barra I6 turbo :slight_smile:

No reason to start with a GT. Just get a decent standard Cougar and go for it. If you want GT badges you can buy them and put them on. This should be a great build.

Yes a factory 4 speed Cougar GT is hard to find as I’ve been looking for over a year now… although there is one and I’ve talked to that person with it.

This would be a great starting point and be a cheaper entry cost as well.

The reason for a 1967 GT four-speed is that 40 years ago I owed one and it was a very fun car to travel in. Put all options on with two people, luggage, and plenty of it still had power. I had to sell it to work in another state with no place to store it or take it with me. Back then my friends were in 1968 Cameros and Chevelles, I had my Cougar GT and later a 1967 Shelby GT 500. It was powerful but the ride was very rough, not my Cougar. Just lacked the power of the Shelby. It was then the idea came to drop in a 427. Not any 427 but the mighty 427 S.O.H.C. At that time I and my friends would go to the local drag strip and run in the bracket races. Many pro-stockers were using 427 Cammers as they called them in 1967 Mustangs and Fairlanes. Not one Cougar was ever raced there that I know of except mine. Me being an amateur never did any good time-wise, yet much fun trying. So 50 years later I would like to build a Cougar with the cammer to see how it would do time-wise in a quarter mile and S.C.C.A. competition.

I had same problem very hard to find, so I did what I wanted started with a white plain non vinyl roof-289-c4. Made it green, black roof, spoiler, Gt-e scoop, factory 67 wheels, built up a 302 with 68 J code heads and intake added 4100 4bbl add a toploader with a hurst 4 speed and some badges and emblems and xr-7 dash. I will say its a project :slight_smile: :

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Thanks for the comment and pictures of your Cougar. I am still looking. I’m looking for property to buy here in Texas and while doing that I’m keeping my eyes out along the way for any Cougar but mainly a 1967 GT four-speed.

I have a very solid 67 cougar got factory 4 speed available. If interested call me 804-241-5055 Paul

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Auto correct. It’s a gt not a got

Good luck

Interesting car. The 6.5 Litre should not have the transverse muffler.