Lower engine mounts

Has any one heard of lower engine mounts for a small block ford.?
i have hood clearance issues with my 69 vert.
I would like to lower the engine in the car by only 1/2-1”
is that doable ?

I had trouble with the engine mounts for my 67 mustang convertible in that the convertible had different height mounts than coupe or hardtop 67 mustang.

I have no idea as to what or why the different engine mounts on a convertible or even if it will solve your problem, but maybe worth looking into.
Peter :slight_smile:

I went down this path a while ago. Here’s the thread. Good luck!

when i put the new motor in, i used std mounts, ie regular SB mounts.
therefor i assume i have the regular SB pedestals for the regular SB mounts.
However, my issue is that with the extra insulation under the hood the air cleaner just rubs the insulator.
If i could lower the engine just a wee bit, it may clear the insulator.
note: this is not the std under-hood insulator .

The next question is how will this affect the angle of the drive shaft. You want the pinion angle and the transmission angle to match

I don’t think 1/2” - 1” will be an issue,
It doesn’t seem to effect the cars when they are lowered via suspension mods ?

Having said that, there may only be minimal clearance over the cross member.?
1/2” i think is doable, but getting a 1” may be close.

check out these, these are the only ones I know of that lower the engine


Keep in mind this design of mount is going to transmit more engine vibration and noise through the whole car so while a stronger overall mount by design it may not be worth the negative it creates