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Hello All, I have always been interested in trying to find out more about the roots of Pole Cat. While I know some of the more recent past, I have found nothing about to early years of this car. I was looking at my Marti report last night and saw something of a lead that I might try to follow. The DSO ordered this car in two tone, red over white and the car didn’t sell for almost a year. The car was also ordered under a “tire or paint order #2215.”
Would anyone have any idea what this tire or paint order may have been. I have had an inkling that this car and the other car ordered like it (seems like there were two) was used as some promotion or something. Who knows, any insight would be appreciated.

Dr Pepper?

SMU fan?

Have you gotten the Eminger Invoice from Marti Auto Works?

My guess is it had something to do with a Christmas promotion. The name of the Dealership plays well into that theme. If you go to the Library nearest that dealership and look at their ads from that period you might get a pleasant surprise.

“Eminger Invoice from Marti Auto Works” I’ll look into this. Don, that is kinda where I thought I need to look at. I had checked with the Fort Worth Library about a year ago but the news papers are not on line. I will have to go to Fort Worth to dig through them. Some day I will have to do that.

Here is a pic of the order from my deluxe Marti report. I believe this is the same as “Eminger”

Was there a build sheet in the car?

No that is a reproduction of the window sticker the “Eminger” was/is the shipping invoice Ford used. Not sure if Kevin is sending (don’t think so) a color copy of the original shipping invoice since he took those over. When Lois had them she would send the originals, bad news for you or the next owner if you ever lost it, often the #2 copy if I remember correctly.

Here is what one of those look like

Given that the window sticker calls out “Special Paint”, I’d say that was why there is a unique DSO listed.

I have read that Ford would include some kind of paperwork signifying what special paint/trim/parts were installed, but I’ve never actually seen any.

My brother once owned a '67 Galaxie 500 convertible for which he had the original window sticker. It was painted a non-standard white and the window sticker call outs or the special paint were just like yours.

Bet it was a regional promotion, DSO 222212 and 222217 are listed in Cougars by the Numbers from Dec 1968. 222215 falls right in between.

Kind of odd (maybe just missed by the person making the new window sticker) is an extra charge we normally see for the special paint.
Guess they might combined the charge as part of the tu-Tone charge we see on the form of what appears to be $31.10

On 69 Mustangs the charge was $94 retail for special paint color. In other earlier years it was cheaper (in 65 I have it at $34) and have two examples where it was no charge for some reason (original window stickers) though cost might have been built into some other retail charge but its not there on the shipping or window stickers

The special paint could be part of a promotion and if so there would be a group of cars all built with the same longer DSO though at the same time if only a special order car the number could include just one car

Thanks Guys, I have added going to the Fort Worth Public Library to my bucket list. Jody, I have not found the build sheet and have looked in all the normal spots. I will also give Kevin Marti’s place a call and find out about an Eminger report. I had read about Mrs. Eminger on this or the other forum but never put 2 and 2 together.


Information on the Emininger can be found and ordered here.

I believe he sends you the original but retains a photo copy of it. You will have to provide a copy of your title or current registration in order to prove that you own the vehicle. The window sticker has some of the information that is on the invoice, but the invoice has additional information. Sometimes there will be hand written notations on it.

So the archives are available online (for a fee of course). I’ve been tripping through them. There are a lot of ads from Holiday LM in that time period. The website is acting up at the moment and won’t let me see the full page of the paper on which the ads are located. Waiting on tech support to call me back. If I find anything, I’ll post it.

Thank You Todd.

I wasn’t able to find anything specific. Here are some samples of Holiday’s ads from 1969:

Why is it that Kevin doesn’t include the engine, transmission and head rests as options? They are clearly called out on the factory invoice cost wise. This seems to be a constant. Just curious.

Todd, I can’t thank you enough for looking through the adds of that period. Thank You. Now I have to decide which way to go from here.

Thanks for posting the vintage newspaper adds - love that stuff!

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