More free stuff!

Parts have been accumulating in my storage since 1993 and it’s time to let some of it go. Let me know what you need. As the listing reads the parts are free you just pay the shipping. Prefer only to ship to the lower 48 states as out of the country can be somewhat of a pain. Thank you and I hope I can help.

If you are coming to Charlotte next weekend for the Auto Fair you’re welcome to pick up the items you need.

Please ignore the price tags on the items.

Message sent in the headlight surrounds and seatbelts.

Even more!

The radio is spoken for

I know there are a million sets of headlight assemblies and doors out there but the chrome on these headlight doors is too nice to throw in the scrap heap. Free you just pay shipping!

Ill take them.

Let me know how much, I think they should fit into 2 of the postal prepaid boxes.

The covers are spoken for awaiting payment of shipping. I’ll let you know if something changes.

The control arms and radio are spoken for.

Do you still have the trunk lock? I really only need the horseshoe thingy mabob that holds it in place so it does not come out when you pull the key out.

Which piece do you need?

Not sure, but it would be a piece that retains the lock in place so it does not get pulled out

I fellow who knows more than me called it a horseshoe.

The trunk does not use the horseshoe clip like the doors. There is a pin that holds the lock in that is spring loaded.

OK, maybe he is not so smart.

How much for the key and assembly?

I don’t have a key but either of the locks are free just pay shipping of 10.00. A locksmith can easily make a key. You may try putting some lubricant on the pin on your and see if it will move up into the position to lock it in the housing

I will try that Dawg! Thanks.
Only a few things better than working on Boo. My wife, my son, watching my son at wresting and football, and fishing when I catch.

I am interested in the clutch fan. My phone number is 515-669-4291.

I think I’m going to need a pass headlight bucket. I think the pot metal broke

The headlight doors are spoken for.

I need some parts anything still available