My first Cougar was my first COOL car?

Was your first Cougar your first COOL car?

  • 1. Yes!
  • 2. No
  • 3. Not my coolest, but my coolest classic.
  • 4. No, my coolest was…(explain in post)
  • 5. Some of the above
  • 6. All of the above.(based on previous poll needing more options! LMAO )

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So, yay, or nay?

True for me. And to think it was a lime frost '67 standard with manual steering manual drum brakes, and a 289 2V. It did have a center console with the cool roll up door though!

You bagging STD’s?? I’ll immoderate you, if you are, Bill…LOL. Mine started as 4 wheel manual drums/manual steer, but is now 4 wheel power disc. Still has the manual steering, but now has a hydraulic clutch on the toploader…so, some modern touches!

Yes it was, a 71. My sister had a 71 XR7 at the same time so hers was cooler.
Had a 65 Mustang before the Cougar, but it was so beat up wasn’t all that cool but it was fun.
Sold the 71 about 32 years ago bought a Trans Am.
Just recently the wife told me how much she loved that old Cougar.
Maybe I should be looking for another 71.

My 1st car was a 57 Ford 2Dr Sed. 292 4Bbl 3spd on the tree. Pretty cool first car. I’ve owned Lots and lots of cars. 25 all at one time. Some of the cooler ones… 68 GT500KR 4spd Vert., 67 GT500 4spd 4.30DL,70 Challenger R/T 426 Hemi Auto 4.10,(2) GTE/XR7 427 C6, 69 1/2 440 6 Bbl Road Runner and my 69 XR7 428SCJ 4 spd Vert 4.30. So its hard to say which was/is the coolest . If I had to pick one it would be my 1st GTE. I should ad, My first new car was a F code 1968 Lime Frost Cougar.

First cool car was a 68 VW Beetle - aircraft spec engine (my father in law built them for homebuilt aircraft), herod helper, custom interior with Veglia Borelli gauges (I like Maseratis), whole bunch of custom bits and blue flames with teal and silver tips. Was faster than a 302 to 84 mph. Would have been quicker with a decent set of ported twin port heads and 40MM IDF Webers

Had a whole bunch of fun blowing off V8 racers

Second cool car was 68 XR7, which started the current madness. Should have stuck with VWs - at least you can change the engine in an hour and you don’t have to lift the engine to change the plugs

Not only was it my first cool car. It was my first car period!

Had a few others as daily drivers (cool cars that is) 66 Bonneville Vert, 72 Cutlass, 77 Monte Carlo and my current daily a 77 Grand Prix.

it also was my first car, and way cool! (paid $1000.00)

I got one now that very closely ressembles it. Just love that car!

I didn’t mind the '77 T-bird with the 400 that I bought new also

Sadly my 1st car was a 69 Chevy Nova with a 3 speed on the tree, my uncle killed the inline 6 and droped in a 302.
Was a great car until its untimely demise at the hands of my Dad. Last time I borrowed my car to anyone LOL.

2nd coolest car was my 88 Mercury Cougar- it was a great sleeper and had quite the reputation.
3rd and most favorite is the car I always wanted my 69.

My first car was a 1964 Mercedes 190Dc with a 4 speed on the column. My Grandpa bought it in the '70s as a project for him and my Dad. The engine was in pieces in the back seat and it had a “fresh” Earl Sheib paint job. It had its cool moments, but nothing like my Cougar, which was the first car I bought.

The Mercedes had Pros and Cons. Pros: seating for six, super smooth clutch and transmission, independent rear suspension, amazing handling for 185/70R13 tires, small turning radius, eight body trunk (maybe more), +40 MPG no matter how hard I drove it, and it was free. Cons: 0 to 60 in 30 seconds, top speed 80 MPH, and simple parts like brake shoes were hard to find and expensive. All in all, it was a good car for a high school student.

My Cougar was almost exactly opposite. Cons: seating for 3 if the person in the passenger seat isn’t too tall, hard shifts due to the B&M shift improver kit, lots of body roll because all the bushings and shocks were worn out and I removed the swap bar for better weight transfer, terrible turning radius, 7 MPG in town. Pros: 0 to 60 in 5.0 seconds with the 2.79 rear end, top speed? It was still pulling hard at 135 MPH, and parts are plentiful and cheap.

The Mercedes is still sitting in my Dad’s garage. I’m sure he will get to it once he retires.

IDK. Are Dusters cool? My dad always drove Mopars so I went that way for my first car. My Duster had a 318, a snakeskin half vinyl top and a foldown rear seat so I thought it was pretty cool. I only had it a few months when a lady in a Blazer rear-ended me and totalled it. :frowning:

LMAO…and exactly WHY did you think that folddown rear seat was cool?? Hmmmm??? :poke:

Mo… Mo…Mo please stop adding to threads until I get through all of them the first time… OK? LOL!

LMAO…I’ll do my best.

My oldest brother was a mopar nut. He had a Gold Duster and dropped in a 440 that he picked up somewhere and completely rebuilt. He didnt redo the trans that was in there or his rear end. That engine and the way he was driveing it ended up trashing the car. It sat in his garage as a paperweight for 8 yrs before he got rid of it to one of my buddies who had a Demon and needed a few patch pannels and interior.

My '53 Chevy Pickup came before the Cougar and so did the '68 Firebird.

VW engines are used in airplaines? I had no idea.

I bet that 68 Beetle was a fun car!

There was a Beetle running the streets of LA in the late 60’s/early 70’s that was running a Pratt & Whitney. Word was that it could haul serious a$$!

Which P&W would be my question…

I’m calling BS. Aside from the absurd noise levels which would deafen the driver, passengers, people on the street (ever seen the ground crew at an airport, they all wear heavy duty ear protection), and the fuel requirements like a huge gas tank running jet fuel, and the fact that jet engines generate thrust by pushing air out the back not by rotating a drive shaft (which would knock over people standing on sidewalks as the car made turns-- ever stood right behind a jet on the ground? I have, it will knock you on your $&! in a heartbeat) and the… Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, jet engine on a car, no way it would be street legal in the US, probably wouldn’t even be functional, would definitely cause deafness. Salt flats for a land speed record, sure. Street, I doubt it.