Need correct coil spring paint marks please

Looking for the correct paint mark colors for front coil springs on my '70 std conv with 351C FMX p/s p/b


Don’t have the info you seek but have you tried rubbing down the originals with WD-40 and looking for your actual colors? This is what I did and voila!

I’ll try that. Not able to check for a week though. Kinda of surprised there’s not a chart out there somewhere on the intrawebs like the mustang guys have but if there is, I can’t find it.

Many, MANY possibilities as evidenced by the HUGE variety found in people’s build sheets.


Here is some info from the MPC. Two charts, one standard duty springs and one heavy duty springs. Find your car model, 76B based on what you said you have, then look under the appropriate heading, CM would be the FMX transmission, and locate the spring number. Then look on the ID chart to find the Ford P/N and color identification markings as well as other info about the springs.
Hope this helps,

That’s awesome Dave!

Hey, I just try and help when I can. I certainly don’t have all the answers, so I’m always looking to gain knowledge

Thank you! That is very helpful!

So if I’m reading this right my spring number is 83. That looks to be on the previous page from the color chart you posted. Do you have that page?

Great info, thanks for posting.
Would an 70 Eliminator with ‘Competition suspension’ be Heavy duty springs?

So with Dave’s help via PM the answer to my particular setup should be:

Spring code 87
Part # C7ZZ 5310-AK
Paint marks 1 Gold and 1 Violet stripe
Load 1720 lbs
Coils 9.50
Wire Dia. 0.610
Length 16.625 in.

It will be interesting to see if I can find traces of those colors on the old springs.

I would assume so…

Hope that is the right information for you. Let us know

Thanks Dave, matches up perfectly with my build sheet!

1970 w/ 428 → 65A body code → 4-speed with P/S only = 1F standard spring
*interesting there was no “heavy duty” spring option in the chart, but I believe the standard spring on the CJ’s was probably already “heavy duty”

Front Spring 1F = C7ZZ-5310-AR
1 gold & 1 gray stripe (confirmed matches build sheet!)
Normal Load = 1850#
Coils = 8 3/4
Wire Dia (inches) = 0.650"
Free Length (inches) = 15 1/8"
Build Sheet Code = GLDGRY.JPG
On a related note… people ask all the time about the stripes they should have on thier rear leaf springs, and on their driveshaft.
Does the MPC have similar charts for those parts?

Brett, looking at the M-code Eliminator build sheets I have, it looks like GLDPNK (Gold & Pink) stripes is the norm. Which matches code 97 on the tables. I haven’t looked at how those match up as far as PS / AC options, or the date variations though. I can dig more later, if needed.

FWIW it appears that the Moog 8330 is a good approximation of the standard spring types 83 and 87 where as the Moog 8356 matches the 97 and 1F HD springs.

I’m going to be installing the 8356s along with roller perches, new shocks, and isolators next week. Should be a fun project.

Thanks champ, no rush. Im heading towards a more original resto when I get there.

Mike, my 69 428 auto,C6, P/S, P/B, oil cooler and has same paint stripes as yours, guess that was the heavy duty spring!

Well I finally had time to work on the suspension. I used the Moog 8356 springs which turned out to be too much for my setup. Once installed they raised the front end too high. Out they came for a quick trim with the cutoff wheel and now they’re perfect. The good news is I can change a coil spring in two hours flat now which is a 50% improvement over the first attempt :wink:

Did you just lower the car to the ground and look how it was sitting, or did you drive it around a bit to let the springs settle before taking them out and cutting them ?