New Dynacorn parts coming in September!

Look what is headed our way next month and for way less money than we thought! I am going to post a video of me driving over my 30 collection of rusted out hoods and decks once we verify fit, cannot wait!

The deck lid is not far behind…

It will be a simple tooling job to make 69 and 70 Trunk lids now.

This is fantastic news! Better sell those good A quality hoods before it is too late.

I think there will be some of us who will still value a good original hood over a repro.

Absolutely. OEM is always better. If anyone has grade A hoods they want to dump send me a PM.

Man, this is the best news I’ve had in a while! Thanks Don for the heads-up!!

This is good news,

Now once they start the tooling process for 69/70 parts this will indeed save a lot of cats…

Keep them busy don, hopefully they start asking for 69/70 parts to manufactor for the 2nd gen cougars.


Who wants to go first?

This is good news as I’m in need of both. I never realized how hard it would be to find a decent hood and decklid for my 67 GT XR7 when I bought it several years ago. I had another 67 GT XR7 back around 1987. I remember getting a perfect hood from Pick-A-Part for $25.00 and my core. Those were the days! Awaiting for your review on these 2 new products about quality, differences and fit. I know Dynacorn makes great stuff.

I’m thinkimg I could part my car for more than what I paid!

20 hoods are on the way to me from SoCal on Monday, anyone want to drive to Camarillo CA and pick one up today to be the first one to try them? They are also ready to drop ship from SoCal.

I’m in for a trunk lid when they’re available. Someone spent many years sitting on mine, and I don’t think I’ll ever get the butt indentation out of it.

I just got word 67-68 taillight panels are ready to ship. Will get them on our site Monday.

Has there been any talk about a 69 or 70 trunk lid? I would think the 69 lid could be an easy one with only needing the skin dies retooled for them. To do the 70 correctly the underside also needs a little tooling work.

Yes! 69-70 decks are next. Just got word we will have 67-8 taillight panels in a few days as well.

Scott and I have installed the first hood, here is my initial observations. Open the box and it looks fantastic! Once you lift it out of the box you immediately notice it is heavier, when we put it on the scales we find it is 7 pounds heavier than original. This is actually the norm with Dynacorn repros as all metal available these days is sized in metric so they have to decide to go a little thicker or thinner and of course they go thicker. The hood lips fit PERFECT, the dimensions are perfect length width and height but… My biggest complaint is the center hood bulge tapers out at about 4" before it meets the cowl and the original tapers at 1 1/2". If you have a hood scoop this is not an issue. Lastly, they chose to weld in the nuts for the hood hinges. This does not bode well for hood alignment as the U-nuts are supposed to float and drilling them out is almost impossible.

Every reproduction part has its “Tell”. Grade A hoods will still command a premium and the guys that HAVE to have original will now find it MUCH easier to find them as 9 out of 10 guys will opt for brand new. Very happy to finally have these available!

That actually looks like a very nice repro hood! Very happy these are available now, it will make a lot of cougar owners very happy

Don, will we see a video soon?

Odd, I would think the original setup would be cheaper to manufacture.