New Vinyl top and Headliner 1969

I am getting a new vinyl top (old one removed long ago) and getting a new headliner. When they do it I assume the front and rear glass will need to be pulled? Can the rubber gaskets be reused or should I get new ones. Anything else I should tell the installer? Thanks

You might want to look here: WCCC rear window gasket

The windshield on a 69 Cougar does not have to come out. 69-up windshields are glued in and do not use a rubber gasket.

Correct. There is a sheet metal plate along the inside of the front windshield covering the glue on points, but no rubber gasket on the front. The rear does have a rubber gasket like the 67-68. The repro rear gaskets are good quality and as long as it is out, it makes sense to replace it. I just finished the headliner on my 69, and here’s a link to the thread on challenges I had. [Fossilized backlite gasket removal (69) - #13 by Knight717]

In one of pictures, you can see the front windshield glass is still in, and I had the A pillar trim hanging loose to give clearance for glueing so I didn’t have to pull the dash.