Nordic Blue W Code GT-E Restoration

I am blessed to be starting a new project today. It is a W code GT-E, matching numbers. The previous owners (there was a partnership) got the body metalwork done and had the car painted. The original engine was rebuilt. The interior was redone, even though it was in excellent condition. Then the guy doing the final assembly retired. That was ten years ago.

This car has multiple build sheets, a full complement of inspection sheets, and a lot of documentation since it was originally a factory show unit. Major original components were there including the original distributor, carburetor, transmission, rear axle. Should be a great car someday soon.

That will be one beautiful GT-E.

I think I saw this car at a SAAC convention at VIR many years ago.

  • Phillip

Cool! Can’t wait to follow along!

It is / was / will be a beautiful car. I don’t think it was ever at VIR - there is a twin to it that was also a Ford show car. Perhaps you saw that one. This one spent most of it’s life in Ohio.

These are “before” restoration photos. Original paint and interior.

So Royce, does this make your 3rd GT-E? Not that it is my business, but I thought you already had a red one, and another blue one? I’m still waiting on lottery money to buy Brian Aust’s ‘Blackie’…

Not mine. Wish it was. Mine is green. Had two others - Nordic Blue and Madras Blue - sold for good money.

I must have mis read the first post, it looked to me like you were saying you just bought it. I wonder how many GT-E’s remain to be found?

You do great work Royce and I’m looking forward to following along as you put this one back together.

What are the date codes on the distributor and carburetor?

Carburetor is 7A2. Distributor is 8B something - it’s out for rebuild.

The GT-E I saw was at SAAC 31 at VIR and was co-owned at that time by Tom Cotter and his friend.

Yup that’s the same one.

Looking forward to following this project Royce! Are you nearing completion of the R Code GT-E?

That one is about done.

What a great color combo. I know it will be a work of art when you finish it Royce.

Tearing down parts for restoration. One interesting thing I noticed on the headlamp buckets - they have two X’s on the inboard side and a single big X on the outboard side. It’s white Markal stick. Easy enough to add this detail to the restored parts later.

Royce, is this a complete restoration out side of the body work and paint ?

Yes it is a complete basket case missing a lot of parts. Still need a proper alternator, starter, radiator, fan shroud, upper radiator bracket, pedal assembly/ steering column mount, lots of other parts big and small.

Got several of the needed items from leftovers of the other GT-E I was working on.

Today I worked on cleaning some of the engine parts. The original 427 was rebuilt perhaps 12 years ago and not completely assembled. Some of the items like the rocker assemblies and push rods developed surface rust from sitting on the shelf in boxes. So I had to clean some of those and lubricate them prior to assembly. It’s going together.

Trying to add another photo but it won’t upload. Odd.