NOS Turn Signal Arm with Cruise Control

Nice NOS 69 cougar, Lincoln, mustang turn signal arm/cruise control on Ebay right now. Limited time remaining.
Being offered by magmustangs
I would post the link but can’t right now.

Here is is,

Thanks Neil :mrgreen:

With the option of nice stronger repo out now I’m sure the price of a nos one has went down a lot.

Went for the price of the repro. But sadly will never know what the buyer will put it in.

But did make me wonder if real cruse control was even a Cougar option in 1967. Or if “Fingertip Speed Control” was offered from the factory, how many cats got this? (only found that 55 Mustangs did).

I know there was a Mercury dealer installed “speed control” which was just a way to set the throttle and reset with a tap of the brakes but what was a real “cruise control” that regulated speed something you could add to a Cougar in 1967?

Did find this but sadly the photos are lost to time

But buyer did OK in any case.

There’s a '67 posted on this site with cruise.

And it looks like this didn’t sell.

Missed the “No Sale”.

But still wondering what was available for early Cougars.

I once bought and resold (regret) a dealer installed “Speed Control” option which consisted of a cable that ran from a push/pull knob that mounted under the dash to the carb linkage. Included a switch that attached to the brake pedal that would release the control when the brake was tapped.

But was a simple system that just set the throttle to whatever position you set. Nothing speed related.

Post made me wonder when the first system that regulated speed rather than just how much throttle was applied and if this signal arm was part of a more elaborate system or just a button to turn off a factory throttle control system.

I have seen a few 1967 Cougars with factory cruise control. Not common but they were built. The turn signal stalk on eBay was part of the system.

A total of 665 1967 Cougars left the factory with speed control installed.

Randy Goodling
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Here is the system I have laid out showing all the components that make up the speed control system.

Brian, great presentation of the parts to a Perfect Circle system which Ford used from almost early 67 through 69. The triangle shaped metal bracket with a hole in the middle is the mounting bracket for a larger bellows that was used in the Lincolns, not Cougars/Mustangs.

I am new here and trying to figure out my 1969 Cougar speed control. I am working on figuring out what I am looking at and trouble shooting the system. I know it is complete and has not been messed with since my father was the original owner. Here are the pages from my shop manual that I am studying. I am going to get started in the morning. I read the posts on other threads. I did not realize I am 1/253 1969 cougar speed controls. Wish me luck and I can use all the help you guys can supply.

The 1 of 253 number is not quite a correct total. In reality there were 1146 1969 Cougars factory equipped with speed control. The 253 number is how many were standard hardtops. To complete the story there were 52 standard convertibles, 658 XR-7 hardtops and 183 XR-7 convertibles with speed control. All numbers are from the CBTN book.

Now in order to help you with the system it would be helpful if you were to add what specific problem(s) you are having.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

Just found this on feebay.


Thank you for the assistance. I just saw that 253 number but basically a rare option that year. I have the complete shop manuals and wiring diagrams. Thanks to my dad the original owner. I followed the shop manual as posted. Looks like I need a new turn signal switch for sure. Says I need a new speed control switch too. It is not holding per the manual??? not sure about the switch? Not sure what is suppose to do? I am trying to figure it out. All help is welcome.

The turn signal switch ( itself ) has nothing to do with the actual speed control in a Mustang or Cougar. The smaller wiring harness for the turn signal stalk ( accel. / resume function with the black button on the end ) joins the main harness under the dash and follows the same route down the column, as does the turn signal switch wiring. That is the only thing they 'share. ’

You can have a fully functional cruise system with a faulty turn signal switch and vice-versa - they operate independently ( except for their physical link ).

A new speed control switch could be :

(1) the acceleration / resume switch which is in the turn signal stalk
(2) the on-off switch which is located in the middle of the dash, just above your radio.

Don’t forget about the two relays which are attached to the Dana Corporation speed control regulator ( where the two speedometer cables join up ( back side of the passenger side shock tower ) - they are often ‘problematic’ as they get roasted by such close proximity to the heat from the exhaust manifolds, a mere 10 - 12 inches below.

The regulator has a whole host of it’s own unique issues - the least of which is a small piece of foam inside ( it’s a filter inside / under that circular gold colored cap on the top of the unit ) that disintegrates, again with the heat, and gets sucked into the inner vacuum mechanism, to render it virtually inoperative or incapable of holding a set speed ( but luckily it can be fixed ).

The eBay Bendix speed control training manual is used for the full sized Fords which had steering wheel mounted controls, not the Perfect Circle system ( where those functions were performed by the dash switch and the turn signal stalk switch ). I have the Bendix manual, so I know it is of limited use in trouble shooting the Perfect Circle system.

Best of luck - you’re on the right path. A lot of trial and error and process of elimination is required.

I really appreciate all the support on here. Sorry I was not clear in my first post. I was referring to the black button at the end of the turn signal which is the accelerate/resume switch in a perfect circle speed control system. It tests bad. According to shop manual that I provided, the second issue I have is with the speed control switch above the stereo. I have power at the switch but it does not remain in the out(on) position. Like the manual states. Sounds like it is bad. Before I purchase a switch from WCCC I would like to know a if it should physically remain out under power? Is there another way to verify the switch? I will provide a copy of the wiring diagram for the system tomorrow to complete this post. I pulled up a free copy of the suggested bendix manual. Looks like the only shared items are the accelerate/resume switch on the turn signal. Mine is bad. I will test the accelerator pedal bellows and start to ring out the wiring point to point tomorrow. If I could confirm the speed control switch really remains out under power from someone that has a working system that would very helpful.


Here is the free copy for the bendix system

Here is the electrical drawing for the speed control. I have 5 volumes of the shops manuals if anyone has a tough question and I can look it up for you and post it.

I would like to know a if it should physically remain out under power? Yes the Cougar and Mustang Speed Control switch, when pulled forward to energize the system, should remain in the ‘out’ position - this was the only way to provide a visual cue to the systems ‘on’ status, unlike the Lincoln Mark III ( also Perfect Circle, which had a red illuminated ‘jewel’ next to the on-off switch ) to show you that the Mark III system was ‘armed’.

I pulled up a free copy of the suggested bendix manual. Looks like the only shared items are the accelerate/resume switch on the turn signal. Again, in the Bendix speed control system, all functions were controlled via thumb activated spring loaded, ‘single-pole, double-throw’ style switches on the steering wheel pad. In the Cougar and the Mustang ( Dana Perfect Circle ) those functions were split - the on-off was a dash mounted switch ( the one you are having difficulties with ) and the accelerate-resume-coast feature located at the end of the turn signal stalk ( D1VY-13305-A )