Pic of 1970 convertible fuel line

It was a beautiful day in KC, so I got my 70 vert on the stands for a look underneath. Here are pictures of the rear brake line clips and they are all bolted. But she is a California cat, so has the added fuel tank vent tube and might use different clamps than yours. I tightened the transmission pan bolts to hopefully stop fluid seepage. Also found the differential vent hose has broken off, and my rebuilt headlight actuator has failed. Time to call WCCC!

I like how they bolted to the floor right next a hole that is open to the carpet pad… My parts car is similar to this!!

LOL - I just noticed that when I looked at the picture! This car also had the large rubber drivers floor pan plug halfway installed. The carpet pad and build sheet were a moldy mess. If the car hadn’t been a California garage queen, I’m sure the floor pan would have been rusted through.

This does look like the clips (gah’s post) that hold the brake line to the floor boards in the tunnel on my 69 Vert. While restoring the underside I removed 2 of mine a month ago and they were in rough shape, glad they make repos.

70scj4spvert - was your parts car a CA emissions car like mine? I bet those open holes are there for the push-in brake line clips. And I bet those didn’t get used on CA emissions cars because of the heavier bolt-in clips needed to hold both the brake line and the fuel tank vent tube. I see where one of my unused holes has a plug.

Interesting! Thank you for taking the time Calicat.

Calicat I need some more help. How many “D” clips are there that hold the vacuum line to the engine bay? Wccc says one under the starter solenoid, one under the dash? I thought I saved mine but I think they got tossed. :roll_eyes:

Nah, parts car term is misleading. It’s more like my model of how to reassemble after 20 years of being apart. That car is too nice to eliminate from the gene pool just for parts. It’ll be put together someday. But, no it is not California emission. Are you in KCK or KCMO?

Are you asking about the headlight vacuum lines on the drivers side? These are secured with white push-in clips taped to the hose bundle. The only thing resembling a vacuum line on the passenger side is the CA emissions vent line from fuel tank to charcoal canister, and it is strapped to the shock tower along with engine wiring harness. The engine wiring harness, starter cable, and engine ground cable are secured by these two D clips near the starter solenoid.

I’m glad to hear your example parts car will live on as a cat on the prowl! I am in the Kansas suburbs 20 miles southwest of downtown KCMO.

Those are “O” clips. This is a “D” clip. D Clip - Headlight Vacuum Hose / Wire Loom Holder - Used ~ 1968 - 1973 Mercury Cougar ( 1968 Mercury Cougar, 1969 Mercury Cougar, 1970 Mercury Cougar, 1971 Mercury Cougar, 1972 Mercury Cougar, 1973 Mercury Cougar ) at West Coast Classic Cougar :: The Definitive 1967 - 1973 Mercury Cougar Parts Source (cougarpartscatalog.com). Is your car a Dearborn built car or San Jose being a CA car. Looking at empty engine bays you can see a couple of these “d” clips holding the headlight vacuum lines. I believe the engine wire harness had some of the white clips.

Mine doesn’t use D-clips for the headlight vacuum lines under the hood, although I could be missing one somewhere. The vacuum lines and the lighting wiring harness both use the white push-in clips on the drivers side (see pic). The engine harness does not use these. 70’s were only built at Dearborn.

So how many white clips are holding the vacuum line? Is the windshield washer line in with vacuum lines? I have a new vacuum line set from wccc and will have to order clips from deadnutson. Is the tape on the clips a cloth tape? I really do appreciate the help.

Looks like 3 of the white push-in clips for the headlight vacuum lines: one beside PS pump, one on front side of shock tower, and one on engine side of shock tower. The tape around the clips looks exactly like black vinyl electrical tape.

Yeah, you would think the washer fluid hose would be routed with those vacuum lines, but no, it is all wrapped up inside the lighting wire harness.

Thanks Dude for the help and pics.

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Hi Calicat. I need some help again if you don’t mind. Can you measure the distance from the vacuum line grommet at the firewall to the first white clip on the shock tower? Thanks

Sure - do you want vacuum hose length, or direct measurement?

Hose length from the grommet to the first white clip. I got the engine compartment headlight harness in finally. Got all the correct black clips. They were stapled to a thin plastic “backbone”. Then this backbone was wrapped with the wires. Re-wrapped it with a new washer hose form Deadnutson. I tried to blow air through the old hose and barely could it was so mangled and compressed from heat and time. Thanks

Looks like 12” from grommet in firewall to the white disconnects. Then an additional 9” from disconnects to first clip on shock tower.

Your the Best bro. Oh. How long is your vacuum line from the booster to the vacuum tree. Is your original? Thank you