Pimp My Ride?

Peg yelled to me yesterday morning, “Quick come here!” When she turned on the TV it was still tuned to the Speed channel and there was an episode of Pimp My Ride playing. The description was John’s Cougar (my real name - John not Cougar) and the car was a 1968 Mercury Cougar. At any rate, the description was wrong, the episode was actually about a Blazer. So my question is has anyone seen the Cougar episode and is it any good or do they make it look all ghetto like they did the Blazer that I saw?

If you need to ask, then you already know the answer.

Hey Al so your real name is JOHN, HA so whats Pegs real name? Your so funny Bundy.

Signed George Washington

Haven’t seen that particular episode and I can still guarantee they made it look all ghetto.


Doesn’t look too bad here, but we can’t see the wheels.


Looks like he got a good motor.


Nine TV monitors in the headliner. Pimped!


Engine guy with the spikey hair looks like John Travolta…new career??

Gotta say, I do like the Cougar growl…and the glass headliner is pretty cool. I could do with seven less monitors, though.

Motor is the only decent part of the whole car. Yeah it got the Pimpin’ wheels and every Jeff Gordon fan will love the huge yellow 24 emblazoned on both sides. And WHO doesn’t need a 30 ft inflatable video screen in the trunk?

Thanks for the link Adam. As far as the car goes…
A 30 ft inflatable screen? I guess if you accidentally drive off a bridge you can use it as a flotation device. And just because you can put 9 monitors in the ceiling, doesn’t mean you should. Gotta go with T3 on the Cougar growl, that is a pretty cool feature. :thumbup:

Now that I’ve actually watched an episode I can pretty much figure out what all their cars are gonna look like. I guess I should have figured from the title.

I was torn between clawing out my eyes or grabbing the remote to change the channel.
I changed the channel. Still not sure I chose wisely. :greenchainsaw:

Which is worse? The Cougar before or after…both! :sick: I saw that episode a while back playing in Applebee’s. Thank goodness the volume on the tv was turned down. If I had to listen to it I would have liked it even less if that is possible. I think it is funny how the car owners just love the final product.

Apart from the wheels, the outside isn’t too bad.

The numbers aren’t my scene, but it could have been worse.

As for the rest ??

You got to see that? I get kicked out because of my nationality… :sigh:

I’m surprised I got to see it too. Normally I get kicked out.

You ain’t missing much.

This is the outside

And the inside.
Put your shades on before you look.

If you can’t see the roof on the other links, it’s made of yellow fibreglass with 9 monitors and some speakers mounted in it.
I’m sure you can imagine how tasteful that looks. :flushme:

As others have said tho, he did get a pretty sweet Roush motor. :drool:

Well, that sucked.

I just got to say it, that after market racy steering wheel just ruins the ambience of the whole interior.

just say’n SalD

I usually refer to this show as “Wreck My Ride” because that’s what happens. Some may like what’s done here, but it’s definitely not my style.

They probably like it because they get to make more money by selling it Or the pieces like the engine.

Thanks QDog!

The original car was ready for the junk yard, The after “restoration” car is at least worth something even if parted out.


Sal that is true. It was a basket case before. The still photo doesn’t look all that bad I guess. But what I remember of the episode the craftsmanship looked terrible. I guess if you remove the big 24 from the side and bought a pimping fedora :pimp: and shades it would be a cool car. I can at least say thank goodness it didn’t go to the wrecking yard. :thumbup: