Precision Exhaust vs. Scott Fuller

Getting ready to do the exhaust on the '69 428CJ Vert. My car still had the factory system on it and I’m wanting to be as correct as possible.

The Scott Fuller system looks to be a perfect replica, but is really expensive. The Precision system look pretty close. I’m doing my best at a Concours restotarion, but I do plan on driving the car. Anyone here have experience with the Precision systems?

Over the last year I’ve tried to order both the 2" and 2 1/4" transverse muffler from Precision and they are always waiting on someone else’s materials. Also I was promised several times they would call as soon as they had some ready, but no call. NPD carries their mufflers and the sales guy said they hadn’t received any in 6 months. I needed the muffler so ordered from Scott.

I have the Precision 2" dual system on my '68 302 and am happy with its looks and sound. Expect you may need the help of an exhaust place. Mine needed some tweaking in the tailpipes only. Naturally, his mufflers won’t have the Ford embossing or welds. I opted for the quiet ones, and like 'em.

An aside: as good as those Scott Fuller mufflers look, I tried listening to his audios. The '71 Boss 351 in particular didn’t sound quite like real ones with the OEM system did; I was around several and had the same mufflers on my '71 Cyclone, so I remember.

Call Dave at Precision on the phone. He wants happy customers.

Check out Scott fuller is WAY overpriced. $3100 for an exhaust that is just “aluminized” is insane!

We sell precision and it is great for a driver. But keep in mind you almost always have to get a pry-bar and some four letter words involved. For the “Moneys no object” guy the Fuller systems are amazing. I just bought a transverse muffler for my 67 GT and it fit and looks like NOS, could not be happier and he was the only guy on the planet that could help me.

Awesome! Thanks for the info. I’ll have to see how many pennies are left in the piggy bank when I’m ready to pull the trigger.
I’d love to have the SF system, but if the precision system is really close I might do that.

Not really close… Close enough. And when Brian Aust set a new worlds record for what a #3 GTE sold for, nobody cared…

I put the Scott Fuller system on my 428 car. It took maybe 15 minutes to install. I could not believe it. Expensive but perfect.

Do these exhaust systems install with clamps or do they require welding?

Scott Fuller’s system comes welded together and is in every respect exactly like the OEM system. You simply install clamps at the H pipe and at the various stock hangars. It comes in the biggest packing crate you ever saw.

No comments on Waldron exhaust?

The Scott Fuller systems are perfect in every way. Nothing sucks as much as finding out your exhaust system doesn’t fit. And he is easy to reach and very communicative in making sure you are satisfied. If you can afford it, buy the best and you will only cry once.

you will only cry once.


We have installed both systems. The Scott Fuller system installs very quickly. The Precision takes a lot of prying and bending. One of their systems took us almost 6 hours because we had to go back and forth to an exhaust shop to get the pipes tweaked. If your time is free and you can control your temper, buy the Precision system. If you want a stress free install that takes minimal time, go with the Fuller system.

Good Morning Guys,

Just took a look at this post and thanks for all the compliments on my Cougar exhaust. I concede that it’s very , very expensive. It’s certainly not for everyone. I began producing it to give the Cougar owners an option that did not currently exist…a concours correct system that exactly matches what came on their car when new, with all factory markings and flats on the pipes just like the originals. When I started this endeavor I purchased three Cougars just to get the original exhaust off of them so I had good examples to copy. And I also had tons of help from Royce, Jim Pinkerton, Don Rush, Joe V., John at Cascade Classics, and my good friend Kerry Wortman (sorry for others that I have forgotten to mention). I have tons of original Cougar exhaust at this point and have new systems for most 1968-1970 applications. All the mufflers are made from tooling that I own and tooling that was made completely from scratch. I did not leverage ANY existing muffler tooling. The mufflers have the correct Ford logo and embossing with engineering numbers and date codes exactly like the originals with correct baffling and external spot welds. I have also made the correct hangers completely from scratch. Cougar are considerable different than Mustang with the exception of one common Mustang/Cougar hanger for the tailpipes. The hangers have FoMoCo stamping just like the originals and use tire sidewall for the straps, like the originals. You wouldn’t believe how difficult it was to procure tire sidewall like the originals. Other hangers use a cloth reinforced rubber material similar to what is used in conveyor belts. I also make the XR7-G tips exactly like the originals, they are not the same as Shelby. And I make the correct GTE tips without the dimpled split tips. All with the correct Cougar engineering numbers stamped into them. But as I mentioned, my exhaust is not for everyone. Dave at Precision is a friend of mine and makes a quality product at a fraction of the cost. We talk frequently. Just depends on what the owner wants for their car and how offensive they find my price. But until recently the Cougar community did not even have my exhaust as an option. I appreciate the support that I have received from the Cougar community and I certainly appreciate all the exhaust of mine that has made its way on to your cars.


Scott Fuller

Thank you Scott for making this available! What we all enjoy is having a choice.


Scott, reading that left me inspired. I have one of Dave’s systems and am happy with it, but browsing your offerings gets one drooling. It’s a kick to see your mufflers with that classic embossing!

Great to know there are vendors at least as crazy as us owners.

I bought all 4 of Scott’s hangers for my '70. May have doubled the car’s value :sunglasses:

Once in awhile I have a pre 1966 tire roll through here that has OK side walls. Currently a friend of mine is tossing a set of Coker wide whites that are probably 25 years old. Shall I snag them and cut them up for you? I always get a kick out seeing the occasional bright white rubber. What is the best way to cut a side wall out?