1967 Mercury Cougar xr7 390 gt project car.

This is the first project car my dad and I are doing. We have no idea where to start. Looking for suggestions.

I am planning on flushing the fluids and adding new, having the radiator tested, getting the carburetor rebuilt, putting in an brand new braking system. I know I need a shop manual. We are both welder’s and very mechanically inclined, I’ve just never done a restore and don’t want to miss anything.

Any help and advice will be greatly appreciated.



FYI , Go over to the project forum section and start there.
This is for XR7G cars. I’m sure you’ll get plenty of help and answers , and post pictures of your car too.
The project ball will get rolling for you but your in the wrong board index area here.

Hi Brett! Welcome!

You have on this site the best source of information about your Cougar.

The first thing you will want to do is to start a new thread here:
To be helpful we will need pictures. The best way to do that is to upload them to your gallery (at the top right side of the page see the little camera icon next to the word gallery) Then use the CCCGallery button to insert them into your posts.

It’s also a good idea to share your goals for the car; concours restoration, driver, etc.

There weren’t many XR-7 GTs built. You should get a Marti report and see how it was equipped from the factory.

Welcome to the madness