ramair for 351C

I would like to install ramair on my 70 cougar with a 351C engine but cannot locate a proper kit. Has any one modified a mustang/torino 351 kit for the cougar?

Not a “proper kit” but how about this?:

Not quite what I was looking for. An adapted Mustang or Torino kit was more of what I had in mind.

So you’re looking for a “shaker” scoop setup?

Have you looked here? http://www.fordramair.com/new/products/ram_air_units.htm
If you want one that looks like the Cougar 428 Ram Air they have one. But it is made from fiberglass. I know of a couple people who used the Torino shaker on there Cougars. I think it looks good.

I do not want the shaker scoop version of the ramair. I will research the Torino option without the shaker option.

Not trying to “hijack” this thread, but, where did you get those valve covers 1969XR7Vert?


They’re Boss 302 polished aluminum covers with 69 PS headlight door emblems glued on using emblem adhesive!

Very cool! Yours look a bit blemished, you should probably make another set and sell me the ones on the car now. I’ll try to restore them after I put them on my car :wink:

LOL, yeah, huh? Nice try anyway.