Rear suspension upgrade for 72 cougar convertible

Looking for an upgrade for my 72 convertible rear suspension. Get ride of the leafs.
I heard about Total Control Products Coilover Rear Suspension G-Bar 1967-1970. It is supposed to fit a 71-73 cougar/mustang.
Anyone know or used this system?
If so where and how much. Thanks

Help me understand. What difference does this make?

I’d like to lift the back end of my car without using the air shocks to maintain the height I want.

Just have the springs you already own rearched at a spring shop

Bought new springs when I redid my car years ago. Just never liked the height. Too low. I would like it up 2”
First I changed the springs. Then I made shackles longer. Still had to use the air shocks to lift it to where I like it and it looks good.

Do you have any local spring shops? It is the easiest way to accomplish what you want. They just need to know that you want it really high.

IF your simply trying to achieve a ride height adjustment then having the springs modified, and/or using a small block will be your best bet both for simplicity and cost.

Now if your trying to achieve better suspension performance/handing over what a leaf spring can provide then coilovers are a great solution. However much more costly and time consuming to install.

Where would you put a block as the leaves are under the diff. It’s not like my old 79 F250 4x4 where you could put an angled block under the springs.
I could bring my it to our local spring shop. Don’t know if I would really trust them. Plus I’d rather get the part and do it myself.
I made my shackles taller to hopefully lift the car to my desired ride height but still not quite enough.

What do you think about these?

Total Control 1967 - 70 Mustang Suspension
That system is designed for 1967 - 70 Mustangs. It won’t work on a 1971 - 73 Cougar at all. The Cougar springs are longer and the rear axle is wider than an early Mustang.

That system is actually designed from what I read light trucks like tacoma’s Chevy fords. It said nothing about cars. They’re 26” long by 2” wide. I’m going to measure my leafs today to see if they’ll fit.

Maybe you missed the part in the title that says “Total Control Products G-Bar Coilover Rear Suspension for 1967, 1968, 1969 and 1970 Mustangs.”

Ah what do they know. Measured my leafs and these will fit and if for some reason they don’t I’ll put them back n my tundra.

So I took your guys advice and purchased new leafs from General Springs. Bought the leafs made for my car which is supposed to give the car 3” lift.
I receive them later this week. I took one of my u bolts off to take it in to get new ones made. It came off really easy and is in excellent shape. Should I reuse them or buy new ones?

Follow the recommendation of the spring supplier. But generally, if there’s no corrosion or other damage, and they’re long enough (the new spring pack may be thicker) there should be no harm in reusing them.

Thanks for your advice :+1:

Put the new leafs in. These new fears have an extra leaf. I had to buy new rubber pads that go on top and underneath the leafs.
Put it all together then took her for a ride the checked the stance. Without the air shock pumped up it sits level. That’s not bad because I took out the 6” shackles and put the stock ones back in. I guess I’m back to using the air shocks to lift her up a couple inches. All and all I’m good with that. Those modified shackles I made were a little scratchy

Be very careful using air shocks on Cougars/Mustangs, as the metal that the top of the shock goes through is not reinforced and will break/tear without additional metal added.

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Now thabt you have a reliable baselie for insntanlled height , you can go to the local spring shop for a rearc to establish the ride height you want…pls do away wnith the air shocks

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They’re brand new. Not going that route maybe coil over shocks