Repro Dealership License Frames

Has anybody bought one of these? “Brad” (who is local to me) markets them on Facebook, I forget which Ford group I saw the post on. He says he can make up any dealer you give him with nothing more than a good straight on photo. They look really good to me, any interst?

Those do look cool. I just found him, I don’t use Facebook but I found him with a Google search.

They retail for $30 but setup fee is a one time $50. I would consider sharing the set up fee if you have a sample you want a facsimile made of. They are metal not diecast and he only has a couple blanks to work with so they will never be spot on. I am sending him a few from my own collection, which ones should I start with?

Don, My car was sold new at O’Connor Lincoln/Mercury in Los Angeles (so that’s what I would prefer) but I don’t have a frame currently, and haven’t been able to find a used one.

So, I actually emailed Brad and he replied that he can duplicate a frame based on an image. I may have him make the frame I’m looking for. Are you or anyone else interested in an O’Connor Lincoln/Merc (Los Angeles) frame? If you want to split the cost of the setup on that frame just give me store credit.

I have a link saved on my laptop, I will post a link when I get online with my laptop. These types of frames are available with whatever you want it to say. No minimum order and if I remember correctly the plate frame averaged $30. Either way I think the frames are a great idea regardless of the source.

Having a car guy who is dedicated to getting the right font and doing quality set up / artwork is worth a little more to me. I think he is that guy.

He will actually take the time to research and find old newspaper ads, pictures of their sine-age and put together something that looks good. I would pitch in for set up.

Go on Ebay, you may be able to find the dealer. I found mine and after 4 month’s you have made me realize that I should pull the trigger and get it since it’s the only one.

Most decent frames on eBay are pretty pricey.

I have frames from Van Nuys Motors and Parkwood L-M but would welcome new ones.

Cooter: I have a good O’Connor plate - don’t mind having it copied.
The one I’d like is Vel’s Parnelli Jones Ford in Torrance. Looks like there’s already
someone selling repro’s of them on eBay but they have laminated inserts. Originals are around $500 :astonished:

Post a pic of the OConnor frame?

I asked Phil Parcells if he could give me a list of the top 20 dealers by sales of Cougars. I pulled the trigger on Joe Kerley, Bob Estes and Olinger. More to come!

Still looking for Palomar Lincoln-Mercury from Santa Cruz. I’m considering getting a set from this guy.

I have a few kinda ratty originals of mine, but might be interested in a nice repro!

I found one for the dealer that originally sold my G (E.A. Mock and Sons, Eugene, OR), but it’s not in great shape. I think it would be great to have a reproduction with the original design.

Does it look like this? This is a pic from a google image search, Brad said he could re-create.