Request from XR7-G owners

Does anyone have or can take a photo of their fog light / sunroof switches and bezel. I am restoring both of mine and want to see the size, color, and font originally used for the lettering on the wood grain. Both consoles I have the have lettering has worn off.


Scott, I have seen the lettering on both the switches themselves and also on the surround. I will try to get you some pictures.

Hi Bill that would be great. After I do all the work to restore the vinyl console wood trim on my J-code G I am thinking about marketing a complete vinyl kit to restore the consoles on the G-cars to help offset my set-up costs in making the kits. I know there is a fairly small market out there for these kits but the would not be huge money and I’m sure others may be interested in freshening up their consoles. I will not be satisfied until the kits are almost 100% correct. I say almost 100% correct as I will not be able to replicate the embossed wood grain like the original vinyl had but the color and grain should not be a problem. At least thats what the guy that I talked to yesterday told me.

Scott, I would have posted pics of mine but mine are on the wore side also. (just barely legible)If you go through with the kits, I might be interested also.
Bill, if you see this I’ve been meaning to ask, do you still have Art Hopkins old G? I haven’t seen it in your signature in quite a while. Thanks Jon

Hmmm. Do I wait for Scott to finish restoring the console or ask him what he wants for the S code now? :think:

Actually the console in the S-code is mint except it needs the lettering on the switch woodgrain. The console I am currently working on/cleaning up, cant really say restoring as it is in great condition for being as old as it is besides being the wrong color is going in the J-code G.

Scott, have you considered talking to Craig Keith to see if he can get you a picture of his G?

Hi Bill; I’m not sure who Craig Keith is? Can you PM me his contact info?

Craig owns the G that Sunstar used as the reference car for their G diecast. The black cherry model is a direct copy of his car. He’s in MA. I’ll PM you his info…

Here are some pictures of the switches in two of my cars. The black version was build one day later than the red version, May 6th and 7th 1968.

Lettering on switch

Lettering next to switch

Lettering on the switch is the most common, Lettering next to switch is my choice. Note that the font seems to be identical.

I will look at my parts stash and other cars for more examples, but I believe these two are the best. Note that I have not detailed either of these parts yet. Dirt is authentic and original! LOL!


Thanks for the photos. What color is the text on the wood? Kind looks like it could be Gold, Silver, or White?

White with a tinge of nicotine yellow…


Thanks once again for the reply. Just wondering is the “nicotine yellow” OEM or aftermarket?

XR7G428 / Bill;

Tom Chaffin from the other Cougar board made mention that he had previously sent you some sample woodgrain vinyl that he believed would work for the woodgrain. He mentioned he believe you did not move forward with the project you were planning. Do you still have this and if so could you lend it to me to scan in and return to you? Tom said he would send me a sample as well but he won’t be back in Minnesota where the sample is until May.


Scott, I sent it to China. It is on it’s way back and then going to Zoli to scan in for the overhead console. I might make sense to use Zoli for both projects.

That would be great if Zoli could handle the G project as well. One less thing for me to worry about as long as he’s on it fairly soon.

Scott, when I was going through the blueprints of the XR7-G console on this site, The switches are labeled instead of the bezel. Although, I like the look of the lettering on the bezel instead.

Scott, I have an interest in two kits. Contact Zoli (Zogman) on MC.Net as he planned to do the same project you are working on.

I am looking for a kit for my car as well :slight_smile: