Show us your Cat as it sits right now

So whats going on with your cat today? Is it up on jackstands work in progress of the latest

Or was it just sitting innocently in the driveway while you worked on something else when the skys decided to open up ?

Sitting in the showroom at the store as eye candy for the customers:

It does, however, now sit on a freshly installed GarageTrac checkered flag floor. I guess I need to update the picture…

The S code is sitting in the driveway.

Top Cat is sitting in the shop, a work in progress.

Waiting for a Cougar to love…

It’s waiting for me.
Cat now.JPG

Just chillin’ in its cluttered but happy lair.

As mine sits right now:

A few hours ago…

Here was mine this morning.

Here is mine - ready to have the engine and transmission pulled.

:laughing: ^^^ maybe I should’a photoshopped out all that booze on the shelf!


:laughing: > ^^^ maybe I should’a photoshopped out all that booze on the shelf!

You mean the octane boost? :wink:

Mark that looks like a heck of a hood scoop you have under the cover on The Hero.

It’s the same as it always was. But I see what you’re saying. I think the pic gives a bit of an optical illusion.
IMG_0371 resized.jpg

I like this image in this perspective.

…my eye was drawn to that for some reason…

In the shop getting the bodywork done right:

Now thats funny :laughing: I’ll have to admit i checked the background of mine before I posted them, but looking at how the tools are gathered together not strewn around i’ll bet they were drinking coffee before starting or drinking beer calling it a day :smoke: