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Do all 68’s with manual transmission have a smog/thermactor system?
KTL is starting the resto on my 4-speed, F-code G and we just want to pin it down.


My F code, 4 speed, STD, did not have smog…but, I’m from flyover country(as is the car, since built), perhaps “California Emissions” didn’t count back then…??

Wasn’t the smog system only required/installed on cars manufactured for a California DSO? I thought I remember reading that here or on MCN

1966-67 were the years that California required the thermactor smog systems.

In 1968 Ford installed the thermactor smog systems on manual transmission cars and automatics, if they came with a Holley (generally speaking) for all US designated DSO’s. Canada and other foreign or export DSO’s usually didn’t receive the thermactor smog systems.

My '68 Cougar XR7, J Code, 4-Speed car was built in San Jose, CA and had a smog pump system. My understanding is all 1967-1968 manual transmissions cars produced in California required a smog pump and the automatic transmission cars did not.

Nope - Calif in 67 used thermactor systems on automatic and manual trans cars

In 68 regulations changed (Calif was the the same as the other 48 states) to federal requirements. Thermactor with manual transmissions and engines with Holleys as mentioned above

I don’t think there is a 302 / 2V Thermactor requirement, regardless of transmission.

Picture of an original C code with manual transmission from 68

Here is a picture of one example. Dearborn built car

Ford drawing of the system for small blocks in 68 with manual trans

Buildsheet from showing the coding for a small block with 2v with Thermactor (engine coding fro a non Thermactor would have been K236J)

Pretty sure I can dig out the wording for the federal requirement that year as well as post the Ford vacuum routing showing the Thermactor pump and other parts of the system if helpful

Jeff, check your picture, that is a 1967 smog pump and inlet canister.

LOL - sorry posted this before running out of the house this morning and grabbed the wrong picture from my files :frowning:

Thanks for the catch and correction :thumbup:

Here is a 68 Derborn built Cougar instead

8F91F505297 - non- Calif DSO

C Code = 289 -2V.

SO you believe that the emission standards were different between a 289 and 302 2v’s in 68? But in all fairness your original statement was concerning “F” codes :slight_smile:

Posted an F code for you :wink: Check prior post.

Here is a scan of the C and F code vacuum hose routing - Ford’s 68 Emission Manual - Showing the same.Air By Pass Valve is part of the full Thermactor systems. Other drawings (C and F code with automatics) do not have that detail and describe the IMCO as the controlling emissions system for that application

Hope this helps

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Does anyone have a proper picture of an unmolested thermactor 1968 302, from the driver’s side??? I have searched the Google over, and came up with no more than two pictures of the RH passenger side, and one of them is a Ford “drawing” and didn’t quite make it into production as implemented.

I’m trying to figure out what the little bracket looks like that extends the plug wire separator out a bit, used on the LH side (driver side), to keep the wires off of the hot thermactor tubes. I have a RH bracket which does match the one picture I found, but I cannot seem to find a proper picture of a LH bracket!!!

Can anyone help here? These were only used on manual trans cars, primarily CA cars…but I’m sure they ended up in other states… and many were removed and discarded… I just need to know what one looks like!

Thanks a heap!!!

This was in my 68 file. don’t know if it shows what you are looking for. No history on this picture and it doesn’t look like it has a bracket you are describing. Could be a automatic car as I don’t see a Z bar setup…

According to the Mannel book, it wasn’t needed.

Brian, This one looks like a 67 289 4V. By the heat riser for the air cleaner and the flat top valve covers(68 S/B Power by Ford)

Agreed, also you can tell that it has the 1966-7 smog system.

Noted: I’ll move that picture over to my 67 file :wink:

Just went to correct it I it was in my (org 67 stuff) file folder :unamused:

So… the 68 Shop Manual states, on page 8-2: “The 1968 engines incorporate either an Imco or Thermactor exhaust emission control system.”

On page 8-57: “The 289 and 302 V-8 engines use either the Thermactor or Imco exhuast emission control system to keep exhaust gas contaminants at an acceptable level. Engines with standard transmission vehicles incorporate the Thermactor exhaust emission control system. On vehicles with an automatic transmission, the Imco exhaust emission control system is used.”

And on page 8-63: “All 1968 engines incorporate exhaust emission control systems namely Imco on most automatic transmission vehicles and Thermactor on all others.”

Here’s Part 8-3, Fig. 15 – 289 and 302 V-8 Engine with Thermactor Exhaust System:

And here’s Part 9-1, Fig. 27 – Typical V-8 Engine Ignition Wiring, which doesn’t seem to show any special wire holders related to the ECS: