Some interesting original '68 underbody mark photos

Kind of a “test” I’m doing with the iphone…hope this works…

I got under the car draining and replacing tranny pan gasket yesterday, so I did some cleaning and photography while waiting for drainage. Pretty cool marks! Can anybody identify the meaning of the ones on the pumpkin and rear end??

Notice the driveshaft. I’ve never seen one so clean and distiguishable. And the red oxide on the rear end is cool as heck. I notice the front of the pinion-ring is unpainted (along with the bolt tops) but the side is…Hmm…

Either it was very dark under the car or the photos aren’t showing up (for me, at least).

Hmm…on the phone it says anyone can view at that web address. Anybody see them?

Just click on the link and they pop up, no problem for me, Brian.

I can see them with the link.
Brian is this a San Jose or Dearborn 1968 Cougar? and the approximate date.

Dearborn 2-22-68


I agree the driveshaft markings are very clean and distinguishable. Here is a photo of the driveshaft on the G, you can see the two pink markings but not nearly as clear as yours.

Having an older computer without the intel chip, can’t see the pictures. I have clicked on them, but still nothing.

I think it’s a browser issue with opera and older versions of explorer. I Tried the link on my iPhone, chrome and safari and it works.

Brian, I just checked them out on my wife’s mac book and that is cool. I wish that when I got my car, it wasn’t painted over with epoxy primer already. Im glad it has been saved from rust, but the before pictures would have been nice.

The amazing thing (to me anyway) is the number of miles on this car, considering how clean it is. It has almost 130k! A lot of good female care and dry dry climates! Spokane WA and LA all its life and never sitting in the hot sun. I remember the owner saying she remembers numerous road trips from California to Iowa and back though. Dang that sounds like fun, doesnt it?!!

The motor runs nice and tight too.

I feel responsible for really cleaning it more now;)

Bump…Nobody has any comments or answers on what any of these marks mean?? :frowning:

C’mon Scott, I expected more of you, my Man! :laughing:

I can’t give you a for sure answer on most of it. The driveshaft marks (colors) are on the build sheet and tells the line worker what driveshaft to install. Same thing goes for the front coil springs and rear leaf springs. The rear end maks could have to do with checks once it was assembled by a quality person or marks by the line worker indicating a task has been performed. Generally you will find components on the driverside marked with yellow and passengerside marked green. Check the numbers on the buck tag and see what matches as well. You should also have a rotation number wrote on the bottom front driverside core support behind the front valance.

Good input, Brian. I’d forgotten to look for that Rotation number. I’m fascinated by the rear end markings (hehe, I said rear end markings) expecially. Those are new to me.

My G just had the white “X” on it’s rear and a mark at the vent tube. The “8” in chalk on the core support on my G is the only one that bugs me that doesn’t make sense. Might have got put there when it was at A.O.Smith. I have this picture of the 68 428CJ “Border Bandit” that has the R2 as well on the rear end, so their is something to it. Mine just had the X like the border Bandit.

Can you explain the markings you have on the rear end and also the drive shaft?
It would be cool if we had a list of color codes for lets say a C6 drive shaft or other. The rear ends 9 and 8s as well and the numbers they would have had.

Brian, regarding the “8” on your core support, did your “G” come with 3.50:1 gear. “8” would be the axle code for a conventional 3.50:1 gear. John

Brian (BAust), regarding the R2 on your rear axle, my Buck tag has a partial “R” stamped on it with a readable “2” next to it, it even has a D-2 stamped on it. According to The Mustang & Cougar Tagbook page 142, on Dearborn built cars (I can’t remember if your car was built in Dearborn or San Jose) those were inspection marks. D-A,D-2 & H-2 were the most common, there were other marks used. John

With this mark I’m guessing that its a Dearborn car and if so IMHO that has nothing to do with the rear end but instead the engine - based on all the other marks I’ve seen

Brian, what size engine did the car come with ?? Could it have been a small block? :wink:

IMHO don’t think the two have any relationship - inspection of the rearend was done not at the factory but at the rear end assembly plant - think Sterling might have been doing them in 68. Of course buck tags were used on the first half of the build and the rearends were installed in the second “half” :wink: just a thought

Jeff,now that makes more sense to me, perhaps the “8” was to tell the line worker that a V-8 goes in there and not a 6 banger :buck: . I appreciate the thought about the 1st and 2nd half of the build. I learned something else. :slight_smile: John