Taming of the Rat Cat

In 1997, I asked my Dad if he knew anyone that had a potential project car for sale. One of his friends said he had been holding on to one, but he if I wanted it, I could have it. My Dad’s friend took me to the back room of his shop and there it was; a 1967 Cougar covered in dust. It was missing the air conditioning compressor and hoses. The radiator had been removed and the guy who removed it cut the transmission cooler lines off about 6" from the radiator. The vinyl top trim was missing and the vinyl top had been hastily removed. The paint was chipped from bumper to bumper with minor collision damage in the front and back. It was perfect! I paid him $500 and had it towed home. It didn’t take much to get it running. Within a couple of weeks, my friends and I were smoking those dry rotted tires up and down the street.

For the next two years, I spent most of my spare time and money getting it back on the road. Once I dropped in my 351W, it didn’t take long for the cops in town to take notice of this primer black Cougar decorated in performance parts stickers and exhaling through a pair of glasspacks. After driving it for nine months, I got tired of all the attention and put it to sleep. I spent the next 10 years working toward my PhD in experimental high energy physics. I’m returning to my project with the intention of turning this police beacon into a sleeper.

As I tear down my Cougar, I’ve had re-purposed a corner of my office.

You know, that’s how I ended up with a man-cave…the wife got tired of all the parts in the dining room…on the hearth…in the closets…under the bed…

Finally said ENOUGH!!! BUILD YOUR SHOP!!!


I had to promise to equip the garage with a bed and kitchen so I can be relegated to living there.

I consider this WAY better than a dog house… just sayin’…

Oh great a Rocket Scientist… :laughing:
Id call it Quantum Cat if I were you.
The roads over at Fermi Lab would make for a great track

I’d love to take it around Outer Ring Rd. 3.9 mile perfect circle track. They just shut the tevatron down for good. They are looking for a new use for it. :think:

Check this out:http://s940.photobucket.com/albums/ad246/Al_Bundy_cny/Dog%20House/

My oldest sons Boy Scout project with my left over materials.

Is that a scale model of a covered Cougar in the background, so the dog can feel like he’s part of Team Cougar as well? Man, that’s goin the extra mile! Does it have a functional drivetrain? Does the dog have a license?!?

Actually the dog only has his learners permit. Our cat Toonsis does all the driving. (obscure Sat. Night Live reference for those who are wondering.)

If you wanna search YouTube, it’s spelled Toonces. And hell yeah I remember that!

Here’s one…


I gather this ain’t for no chihuahua

No he’s a husky mix. A stray actually, the best dog I’ve ever had. And I’ve had quite a few. Though he does still occasionally help himself to the garbage.

Well, for the bad news… if the Husky genes kick in, Them beasties don’t go into doghouses. they jump on top and stay there for the view. Really!

Had a full northern husky a few years ago, and he ate whatever he could, including the neighbor’s labrador. Caught a seagull once too. Feathers all over the whole block

Smart dogs too. They love to pull with a harness.

Forgot to mention Your little guy does pretty nice work!

Thanks, I’ll pass on the compliment. But I can’t really call him little anymore. He’s only an inch shorter than me and his shoe size matches his age - 13.

It looks like my Eastwood Welder is going to be delivered today! Too bad, I’m 1800 miles away.

Last week, I started prepping my roof for my vinyl top. After stripping it to bare metal and taking out the dents, I got two coats of POR 15 on it, a little Dynalite filler, and a coat of Tie Coat Primer. Everything should be cured and ready for sanding when I get back.

In preparation for the vinyl top, I stripped the roof down to bare metal and gave it two coats of POR 15.

I posted this on MC.net, but I thought I would add it to my project thread here.

Here’s my new Kevko Pan and pick up. My 10" deep Moroso pan was a little too low.

It has a built in crank scrapper, baffles and trap door.

The sump is tapered in the back and clears the big block power steering hose bracket nicely.