Testing the waters, thinking about selling the G

I’m about 60/40 sell/don’t sell with my G. I’d prefer to keep it in the community and give a fellow enthusiast a good deal then go through the hassles of eBay or Bring a trailer. Having said that, how does the market look for a driver quality G these days? Here is a picture of my triple black car done at the NPD photo shoot for the Cougar Catalog cover…

Howdy Frank!

Here are some more pictures.

Looks pretty nice for “driver quality”!

I’m not in the market for it but curious if it’s originally a triple black car, beautiful.

Originally built with a dark green interior and 2 bbl F code engine. Now black leather interior and a holley 4 bbl plus some other extras not in the original build (tilt away & rear window defogger). I call it driver quality because it is not “correct” and has an older repaint that probably needs to be redone in the future. Looks great from 10 feet away but when you get closer the paint flaws show.

Well still gorgeous, mine won’t be correct either it’s originally diamond blue but I can’t do that I’m going triple black and changing the engine , good luck.

I’m liking it

What the heck Frank… Are you getting out of Cougars, or what is the deal?

Scott, taking a break from the classics. Been working on them since high school in the 80’s and just don’t enjoy turning wrenches like I used to do. When you don’t enjoy what used to be fun it’s time for a change.

Yeah, I can see that. A reason so many classic car people buy newer Mustangs, and such.

since a few people have asked…

Where did you get the leather seat covers made and how long ago, I’m toying with the idea of just using the vinyl ones.

Car is headed to Bring A Trailer, will post a link when live.

Frank what’s the price range that you’re looking to get for your G? It’s a wonderful looking example.


Hi Steven,

I have five answers for you:

  1. I want as much as possible
  2. I’d like to at least break even
  3. now that it is going to auction, I can’t really discuss it
  4. if you are interested in purchasing it, PM me and we can see if we can agree on a value
  5. what do you think it’s worth?

Sorry if that seems snarky but if you’ve ever dealt with BAT they want exclusivity for the sale avenue and they strongly suggest not revealing if you have a reserve and if you do, what it might be.

Thanks for the interest

No problem at all Frank, I don’t believe your comment was snarky. Seeing that your G is in a desirable color combination although the interior color is not original, I believe it should at least bring a minimum of $22k. My price is solely based on the only previous sale of XR7G on BAT that I saw. I looked for yours but I did not see it listed. Best of luck with your sale. It’s a beautiful Cougar.


I saw it and spoke to you about it at the last NPD car show in Silver Springs Fl. It’s a shame about the bad paint but still a awesome Cougar. If I had the money I would buy it though. If I sell my Cat and Harley before you I’ll get back to ya. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the interest and insights. The BAT auction is almost ready and will hopefully go live next week

Frank, if it wasn’t for Heather and I moving over the next couple of months, I would definitely have been very interested in buying the G from you.