Tire size

I bought my husband some wheels and would like to know what size tires would best work for his car. The wheels are Legendary GT6 15"x7 and will go on a 1970 Mercury Cougar.

Thanks for your help

235/60/15 fit very well on 15 X 7 wheels if you want a close-to-stock appearing stance.

I would consider the 17" offerings if they come in your choice of rim. There isn’t much available rubber wise anymore. I put my 15 X 7 away and went 17X7 and 17X8 respectively.

I think it’s a little late for that. It sounds to me like the original poster already bought the 15" wheels.

Yes, tires to fit 15" rims are getting a little harder to come by. You just have to know where to look. Diamondback Classics offers all sorts of custom made 15" tires to your specs. The downside is they come with a cost and are rather pricey.

Why would you waste money on custom made 15" tires? Bad advice. There’s no advantage to 15" tires. Avon makes good 15" tires at more than twice the price of 16 and 17" tires. The offset of most 17" legendary rims also allows more tire and better quality tires with 17" rims. If they’re new, they can be returned. I would buy Avons if you decide to keep the 15", or that particular rim is only available in the 15" range.

Nice going IKE!

Bad advice to recommend 17" wheels when the original poster never asked for recommendations for 17s and already purchased 15s. Not everybody wishes to upsize beyond 14s or 15s, and nowwhere does it say they’re brand new and can be returned.

Gizmo, I had to Google the Legendary GT6 15"x 7 wheels. Nice. When googled, a picture of Cougar popped up and it had those rims and BF Goodrich Radial T/A tires and looked very nice. The BF G’s have choices and have that, I’ll call it, period correct look. As Jeff mentioned above the 235/60/15 would look good and fit.

My 2 cents

Here’s what they look like on a 70 Cougar with 235/60/60 tires.

common now thats not bad advice, Sure there are not many options in 14s and 15s and maybe custom made tires are not the best option for something that gets driven often(I honestly know nothing about above diamandback tires)

OP was looking for advice on tire sizes in a 15" they already purchased, why cant that simply be what this thread is about? Not everyone likes the larger wheels on their cars and honestly they can look out of place on a stock car. I would not be going 17s without lowering and upgrading suspension items on my car to match. On a stock cougar I think a 15 and a bfg radial TA is a pretty damn fine look and like was mentioned kinda period correct which appeals to many with 60s era cars.

I can not recommend a proper tire size for the 15s except to reference the tire and wheel thread

I do like those legendary wheels and wished they still made that style in a 17 and I may have chosen that wheel for my car

Hello to the OP, Gizmo. I think it is incredible that you would order wheels for your husband’s Cougar. I think you made a perfect selection for that car. They look great on any Cougar. Don’t let some guy with a Mustang cloud your decision. Well bought! Please post a picture when you get them installed.

I think it’s great and thoughtful as well. That wasn’t the issue. It’s apparent I also know a lot more than you do about what works suspension wise .
No one is clouding decisions. They are giving sound advice being I have my original 15" rims and ran into the lack of good tire choices. I have legendary wheels on my Shelby because of this issue.

Because she bought new I suggested the larger rim for not only better offset and handling but tire availability. Keep your ignorance and hostility to yourself and off the forum.
Ma’am, if you’d like advice I’d be glad to share information with you via PM.

Nice looking car Cougar, Jeff. I like the those Shelby rims better on the cougar than the Shelby. You also don’t have to lower the vehicle to make 17 " tires look nice. I don’t run “rubber band” tires on my vehicle. However, I was able to get a lot of rubber under it. 245 40 17 front and 275 40 17 rear.
Avon made good performance tires but at about 345.00 dollars a tire. It wasn’t justifiable to stay with 15" rims.

Great gift and thoughtful. I thought perhaps she could exchange them while new.


Why do threads that start with, “What works best WITH WHAT I HAVE?” always seem to devolve into, “Well, I know everything, and what you SHOULD have done is XYZ, instead of ABC…”???

I mean, for cripes sake, if we really want to be helpful, we should follow Stephen the mad Irishmans advice, and just ANSWER THE BLEEDIN’ QUESTION !! (edited for Bill B’s sake, paraphrased for mine).

This thread did become discouraging

I just reviewed the thread in light of Todd’s comment and noticed that I made a typo in my earlier post. In the one with the pic of my car with the wheels the OP bought, the tire size should have been noted as 235/60/15, not 235/60/60.

Many have become Politicians and don’t answer the question asked.

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